Where have you guys been?


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Where have you guys been for the last ten years, do you not remember what YRC has been through? Granted this whole mess was caused by Zollars spending spree and poor management. After YRC bought Holland and paid too much they had to repay nine hundred million dollars that put them in a money bind, and that was even before the recession hit. I will concede the fact that they made some poor calls when they tried to get into the regional freight market. And lost a lot of money having a change of operations every three months, the merger was rushed and poorly planned and in the process we started to loose customers. Then our biggest competitors tried to put us out of business by giving huge discounts that run us and them deeper in the hole and YRC used what money that they were supposed to save from our concessions to hang onto market share That being said the only bright star is the fact that our competitors have replaced their Coe’s that made the decision to cut rates and have asked for freight rate increases Zollars is to resign at the end of the year maybe some new leadership can pull us out of this. Everyone seems to think that YRC is hiding money from us do you not know that we are in a business that only makes pennies on the dollar in the best of times and we have not seen good conditions for the last four to five years now. It is widely believed that the union is in bed with the company. They are in the business of representing people and would loose all creditability if that were to happen who would ever want the Teamsters to represent them. Do you think that maybe they are doing their job that we have elected them to do, looking at the books, checking their records with their own experts, and looking out for our best interest? We are in a recession that might be as bad as the depression if it were not for the fact that politicians are hiding the true unemployment figures, the only reason it doesn’t look as bad is that now people can collect unemployment checks that are putting a big burden on the states and causing then to borrow money that will eventually cause them to go broke. I don’t claim to have a business degree or I would be in some other business other than trucking because right now trucking sucks and is not likely to get any better any time soon. With Fed Ex down sizing and putting seventeen hundred drivers on the street to begin with, at the end of January it is not a good time to be looking for a truck driving job. I don’t know where all of this is going to stop, or who is still going to be in business when it is over, but for now, and I will borrow this saying from another member, I prefer the devil that I know to the devil that I don’t know. Everyone thinks that we will get a chance to vote on this until we get it right, are you willing to gamble the future of the Teamsters in trucking I am sure that they will represent you even if you vote to close her down. I think that your time would better spent looking in the papers and searching the internet and checking trucking boards to see what jobs are available rather than posting anti company and anti union forms know exactly what you are voting for, and the consequences of your vote, our last national election ought to be a reminder of what a uninformed voter can do, but that is politics. I know that my views are very unpopular I have looked at the poll and know that the no votes are better than four to one but I have been it this business for a long time and have been a Teamster from day one and I know what the trucking industry is going through at this time. I expect to take quite a few shots for my opinions but as a Teamster at least I had my say.


The spending spree is similar to someone in the White House. Makes you wonder what we are in store for.


im here to make you uncomfortable
what he said made me ill and sounded like some of those dock robot supers that used to think they ran the place.