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TEAMSTER boss James Hoffa Jr. inserted himself yesterday into Newsday's labor contract vote, throwing the process into chaos.

Hoffa dispatched an e-mail urging the 1,100 workers covered by the contract to reject a tentative deal that called for 10 percent pay cuts for reporters, pressmen and most of the employees, and a deeper, 15 percent cut for drivers. The current contracts expire on a rolling basis starting Feb. 26.

The move sets the stage for a drawn-out fight between Hoffa, and Newsday parent company Cablevision and its CEO, James Dolan.

"I understand that economic times are tough," said Hoffa, the son of Jimmy Hoffa, who disappeared in 1975. "But we do not have to accept woefully inadequate contracts that slash our wages, provide substandard working conditions and outsource our jobs, especially from a company that recently gave out millions of dollars in bonuses to its corporate executives."

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