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Word From The Curb?


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Not to mention the arguments and comments both for and against the vaccine. As charged up as this topic is online, can you imagine how bad it would be in person at work? Especially at the larger terminals.
I don't think this is possible, but would that mean even less work getting done at Little Rock? Asking for a friend..

Steward of the Rock

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Gotta ask yourself , back in the day did you or parents get the polio or small pox or whooping cough or any other etc vaccines back then and are they still alive today or did they die from the vaccine shots back then ?
I got them all and they're what made me the way I am today! :idunno:
So then there were multiple side effects!! LOL!!!


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And just imagine if they required everyone to be circumcised or you couldn't work. Talk about tension at the workplace! :hide:
Where did the German helmet thing come from.My guess you were eating brats and kraut.Who cares about someone else’s Johnsonville.