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got called in for a interview the other day don't know if i got the job yet or what to expect in pay but what i want to know is what is the working atmosphere like in nfk? i like what i saw so far
Best of luck getting on at OD,I think you'll be glad you signed on,hopefully someone from NFK will see your post.One of the things OD likes to publicize is a relaxed family type working atmosphere,and at most terminals I've visited this seems to be the case,OD really does make an effort company-wide to promote a team atmosphere....
Been to terminals in every state except Vermont. Only a couple times has there been a problem. It was never a terminal attitude, just a couple persons. The larger, at busy times can be hectic. Wear your big boy pants, it's not personal. Same places when not at peak times are just as hospitable. At NFK, been twice, both times been after hours. If dark, fallow any posted procedures, if live, just ask way they want it done.
Hope you get hired. I believe you will be satisfied with the work environment. This is the fourth LTL carrier I've worked for. Started with Skyline, for those of you who remember back that far, lol. Then worked for R&L, then Dixie/Service Transport before coming to O.D. This is by far the best carrier I've ever worked for. I don't plan on leaving. Some ppl always think the grass is greener, but we just hired a driver from SIAI, says O.D. couldn't beat him outta there with a stick, LOL! Good luck to ya driver. :thumbsup:
How long after drug test should I be expecting to be notified of new job at OD? I appreciate any help.
If you've already reached the drug test stage I'd guess PDQ after they get the results,depending how busy the terminal you're gonna hire out of,BTW welcome aboard,to both OD and Truckingboards They're both great places to be!
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