ODFL | Yard safety


Rest In Peace
When you enter company property keep your mind on safety just like you're driving on the highway or a city street.Stay aware of what's around you,whether you're walking across the yard or driving thru the service lane.OD has safety rules in place and safety training for it's employees.Just a little while ago a terminal had a man hit on the yard.As far as I know he is WIA and will heal and return,he's pretty tough.Safety,safety,safety.
Yes, if you go into Atlanta term. at night, our yard is worst yard in the system for lighting out on the yard. We have alot of new yard jockeys who speed and are on the cell phones, so be careful!!!!
I know, I been almost hit because of them on the cell phone. It's be report, they keep doing! I just note it, until somebody gets hurt.
Whatever you do don't wear black or dark clothing on the yard at night. Ever notice OD buys us black jackets, rain coats and pants?
Explain safety to your road man going to Carlisle last night at the 56mm construction when we were cursed at for dropping to 45mph south on 81 the speed limit(with smoky watching)! Saying you guys will be out of business in a month anyway! I always had respect for OD but now the word is out there we're three of us on the radio that heard! Time 1:50am
Every outfits got one or two of these guys,get unit# call in on the ying-yang,last time it happens....