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YRC YRC And IBT In Talks On Contract Extension!

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by Freightmaster1, Nov 15, 2013.

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    It will be interesting to see what type of language the company wants to put into this supposed 5 year MOU extension. Stay tuned, and STAY UNITED.

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    Ah! the first shots across da bow!
    Flexibility? How da hell much more do they want or need? What do they mean? Just what da hell do they want? What is this? Boo-Hoo-Hoo! Union work rules are causing us to lose money? BULL_____! Fix your problem of Lower/Middle management being dumber than a bag of rocks! Quit doing stupid sh__! Quit having STUPID Changes! NEWS FLASH! Maybe if you earned our respect again it might go along way to fixing itself?
    Absenteeism? Correct me if I'm wrong here Guys but most Contracts/Supplements or Local work rules cover this? Could part of da problem be that there are Workers who have returned for whatever reason who have no paid time off so they just take it? why da hell don't you just issue letters for absenteeism? Could it be that you can't hire enough people as it is? As an example how many good Teamsters did you lose on da last Change who filpped you da bird as they walked out da door?
    There is a major shortage of Drivers in this country and most Companies have a damn near 100% turnover rate and you kicked how many to da curb on da last change?
    Work rule changes & "Flexibility" Are not gonna fix da problem! Getting your collective heads out of your collective asses might be a better start!
    We've given how much and so much da last few years! You want 5 years more? don't ask for anything new! My pension is in da crapper and all I hear from Management is "Flexibility & Absenteeism?
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