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Holland | YRC vote, anyone else change there mind ?

I just won't to be clear, I'm not knocking ABF, it's a great company, I'm just saying given a choice I would take concessions and stay with USF Holland
I feel your pain, believe me, but one has to have a positive attitude going foreward or what's the sense of living...there are no guarantees in this life..I know, since having a major cancer operation in june, out of work 10 weeks, I have to have a positive attitude about the future, it gives one strength to go forward.
When someone asks me how I'm doing..I say.."If you see me above ground and vertical I'm doing fine!"
It's all about probability...the yes vote gives us much higher odds of success going forward..and life is all about the odds!
I wish all my fellow employees good luck in the future..do what you feel is right for you and your family..but don't jump-ship too early, there are a lot of sharks in the water.


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the yes vote gives us much higher odds of success going forward..and life is all about the odds!

If this were true, then EVERY contract ever voted for since the teamsters first began would have been a Yes vote!

I understand your yes vote for medical reasons! but the pep rally doesn't work!....... there is no future left working for this company! the only thing thats left is a grace period to get all your ducks in a row, and sell that new pickup, and tell your wife she has to goto work!........Don't waste a penny, find out what your UE is for your state, and plan to have your bills and expenses low enough to survive when the inevitable happens!
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