Yellow | YRC Worldwide closes the $38.7M sale of its logistics business

Finally picked up some pocket change for mommas new shoe collection. I'm starting a Hedge fund if anybody is interested in donating some money.
I think they only got a small part of logistics. Remember Stull he has a part of the venture co. YRC kept the 2 China Co's and is in cahoots with the ventue co. Bye Bye more pension money!
YRC (Nasdaq: YRCW), an Overland Park-based trucker, said Monday that it received the initial proceeds of $33.6 million, with an additional $5.1 million placed in escrow to cover transferring ownership of foreign subsidiaries and for indemnification purposes.

YRC said the sale was designed to streamline its operations and raise much-needed cash. However, it also expects to pay as much as $11 million in charges to close down some services tied to the division.

The company said it will retain its two China-based joint ventures and will continue to offer logistics services to its customers through a partnership with Austin Ventures.

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Doesn't sound like a company ready to shut it's doors!!!
yes they will give them our work but the money made has already been turned into what they use in china for cash