Yellow | YRC Worldwide-Could Further Consolidation Lead To A Buyout By UPS?

Not that I am optimistic or unrealistic, but that whole 'never' thing is a slippery slope!
( and I'm a realist about the possibility and probability! )
Why would UPS buy YRC? UPS can get any customer YRC has, only 49% of YRC'S customers like them. We show up with junk that the customer is scared to load in! Nobody will ever buy into this failure of a company.
I am hearing around Willow Springs that UPS is leasing trailers to yrc.....Buyout may not be far off??
First, UPS has to make an offer that the note holders could live with. And the most important thing. Is how much is UPS willing to pay for the YRC Pension Fund money. If YRC goes bankrupt, the Pension Fund debit is discharged in the Bankruptcy. It is the law & happens all the time. So now I ask myself, why buy a company before it goes under that owes a obscene amount of money to Central States. UPS has no need to acquire the debit & customers of YRC overnight. They have all the customers they need. And making a very large profit off their customers. No, if they have any intrest in YRC, they will be patient. They can afford to be. von.
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