(4) 20 yr.sentences handed down to a trucker who killed (4) when distracted on his cell phone

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by Apostolic, Oct 10, 2016.

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    I remember several years ago a driver employed by the same company that I was ran into traffic in a heavy fog. He didn't slow down any & hit several cars, one a van loaded with people car pooling. That was probably the worst in the company's history. The driver had been involved in accidents before.
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    I never understood the morons who drive pedal down in the fog. A yellow driver back in the day was on the turnpike in heavy fog and pedal down, when he rear ended a slow moving car. The car flipped over and kids spilled out into the street. At the time ABF comes along, also driving too fast for conditions, and ran all the kids over. The mother driving was killing instantly. That incident will stick with me for a while. I knew the guy who was driving the yellow truck and I saw the marks from the accident on the pike.
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    Regarding Post 1, sadly these type accidents, crashes, wrecks will only continue as phones, tablets, computers are used by drivers while driving.
    With as well new regulations with e.l.d. and possible speed reduction for ALL trucks, what else will drivers be doing while in non planned convoys/platooning?
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    Regarding the second part:
    So many "drivers" seem to feel the need for speed (before and since the e.l.d. mandate) regardless of weather conditions as have been and will CONTINUE to be demonstrated/presented.

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