5 Year old boy getting billed

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by pro1driver, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    A 5 year old boy somewhere in England, was sent a bill for NOT going to another's birthday party...!!

    the whole story:

  2. DCM_Doc

    DCM_Doc Well-Known Member

    This reminds me of some cheerleader mom stories. These women sure have their priorities in order.
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  3. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    I just found a pound to dollar conversion chart, and see that 15.97 pounds is about 24. 21 u.s. dollars. christ, it ain't like it was 100 dollars. i too think that mum needs a good whack upside her head. problem here however, the parents can and might "duke it out", and the kids continue to be friends, not knowing what the hell this is all about!
  4. WildHeart

    WildHeart Well-Known Member

    If you feel the need to bill parents for missing a birthday party..ya may want to rethink just how far out of whack your priorities are. If I felt that spent too much money on a birthday party for my son, enough to bill another parent for it...let's just say my kids wouldn't have a birthday party that elaborate or out of my budget for crying out loud.
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  5. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    i'd like to see the future of the "billing parents", when their kid(s) get married!

    Will they send out bills for those that either did not RSVP, or maybe had a family emergency, oh like say a death in the family, and couldn't attend the wedding?

    Yeah, what parents. If the (about) $25 was going to make them go broke, then stand on a street corner for all of about 8 hours, i am sure that they will recoup that LOST money in no time, then they can drive away in thier "Jag" !

    And if the "billing mother", has a good looking body and a pretty face, I'd say she could make up that money with her first John.
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  6. WildHeart

    WildHeart Well-Known Member

    Some days Pro1...
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  7. ESP

    ESP Well-Known Member

    Pay the 25 bucks and forget about it. The parents said he would be there. Don't make the kids unfriendly over this. Your right the parents will fight over this for years and the kids are most likely playing together right now. Maybe someday they will marry each other. :hide:
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  8. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    at first, wtf are you talking about?

    then i had to re-read my posting.......but hey, nice face, nice boody........?????

    lol....how ya doing kiddo...????
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  9. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    well i dunno if they are of opposite sex? but hey, if thier game, why not everyone else? I mean, if Sir Elton and HIS, uh, oh well, enough about "those people"..........
  10. WildHeart

    WildHeart Well-Known Member

    I am doing fine, just trying to figure out how to pay the bills like everyone else I suppose in the great white, blustery north. Thank you for asking :)

    You just made me pause for a second to entertain the notion of your ability to both make me want to twist your ear, annoying me with your chauvinistic, grumpy old man persona or if it is an attempt at humor that I am missing. I haven't figured out if this is a campy act or if I would really be irritated at you beyond the boards. Lol.

    Which is strange given the fact I randomly adopt grumpy, crusty old men and have a soft spot for a good scowl, much to Brians exasperation with my adopted extended family.

    When you say off the wall stupid things like that it makes me want to kick you. Because I swear there has got to be something smarter in there. Maybe, maybe not..I could be entirely wrong. Lol.
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  11. ESP

    ESP Well-Known Member

    Its spreading like wildfire everywhere, but it was in England. right?:bananag::bananapartyhat:
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  12. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    well let me say these few things.

    dad many years ago, fell in his apartment, cracked his head open. rushed to hospital, where the doctor stapled his head shut, this was nearing Halloween. i say to doc, use plenty of staples, he needs to scare the kids away.

    next, i had to take dad on some of his errands. at one place he stayed in the car. i tell the store owner whom we both know, dad was in the car. i said, but not to worry, i got the windows rolled down.

    just today p/t nurse came over for dad, i had my back operation and may need another one, if you follow my thread.

    i tell p/t gal that he needs to have therapy, it's going to snow this weekend, and he has to get his ass out and shovel.

    dad says, my son, some day, i'm gonna miss him. gal couldn't stop laughing at what we both had said.

    now, if you wanna twist my ear, be forewarned, i consider that four-play.
  13. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    yes, in the UK somewhere's
  14. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    missed it by that much" in my worst Maxwell Smart voice over.

    Missed it like a 2,0000 mile per hour big rig.

    missed it like i miss my canned raviolis.
  15. WildHeart

    WildHeart Well-Known Member

    Well that's just sad. Lol
  16. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    lol....i wish you and the family well up in the cold cruel world that is north dakota.

    and remember, just because i am a grumpy chauvinistic balding old man, doesn't mean i cannot enjoy some 4 play every once ina while.
  17. WildHeart

    WildHeart Well-Known Member

    I will send a friend your way, he has a thing for horse trailers and ear twisting. Lol. ;)
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  18. WildHeart

    WildHeart Well-Known Member

    And thank you, so far we are doing well, however the oil prices have me scared we just moved during the worst possible time. We shall see.
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  19. Cerberus_Kelpie

    Cerberus_Kelpie Well-Known Member

    Seems like this thread should have been placed in the "dumb down" arena.

    I believe that if such complete nonsense as of thread TITLE happened in California in the young 60s when I was a wee lad, my parents would have LAUGHED and not paid one penny.
    I KNOW that were I a parent and my child or one of my children were treated like that 5 year old, well suffice it to say there might have been offered a lovingly polite way of saying something totally offensive and insulting to those "parents" or simple LAUGHING.

    --This was a attempt at bringing this thread back to the original topic. It was the only attempt.--Thank You, CHEERS!!
  20. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    The suing mother probably still wants her kid to get a gift from the absent kid.

    Some mothers are MILFs, but right now, i'd be only imagining what she looks like...


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