any news on us being sold????yrc new penn ect.....

Discussion in 'New Penn' started by maspethoriginal, Nov 4, 2017.

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    I seriously doubt is, YRC has a massive pension debt liability. No business would be willing to take that on. It would be better to wait and get the business for free. The rolling stock is almost worthless and most of the premium property is gone.
    YRC has a market cap of $390 million most small regional LTL carriers are worth much more than that..
    Thus what would a company be paying $$$ for?? Debt??
    Will not happen....
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    As I said, TFI has bought dying companies and turned them around. Their portfolio consists of most of the unionized carriers in Canada and things like pension liabilities have never stopped them before. The only thing TFI looks for is negotiating what they feel to be a fair market price for the company.

    Buying YRCW would be a fantastic way for them to get into the US LTL market without much effort. Real estate and rolling stock have never been big concerns for them when buying a company. When they purchased TST Solutions, Overland Express was still operating tractors and trailers from the early 1980's in desperate need of replacement. And they have a dedicated real estate division that looks for good prices...every one of their facilities is for sale for the right price.

    All I'm saying is that we have here a company that would actually have use for buying YRC if the price was right. Unlike most of the other companies people like to toss around.
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    The banks have this mess structured together as 1... that was the only way they would accept letting Zollars to continue. Buy 1, you buy them all. What any potential owner does after acquiring the regionals, and yrc, is then up to them.
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