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Discussion in 'Sysco' started by MikeJ, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

    I drove by the Sysco Terminal and wrote down the phone number for now hiring. Guess they must be hard up here in Cleveland because they are offering a 2500 sign on bonus.

    I called the phone number and just wanted to hear what it had to say. Pretty much leave you're name and what job you want and we will call you back later.

    I know for a fact I could get in at Sysco (have connections, but really do not like using them because if things do not work out then it makes the person who was my connection look bad. While that may sound odd to some there is a whole group of people who do not like using references or connections some people will purposely not refer any one sole on what I listed above. Sysco Cleveland has also been known to hire newbies like my self. GFS at least around here seems to have there pick of the litter and is harder to get on with. I had one phone interview with them and they never called me back.

    The hard part about this is I have heard nothing but bad terrible awful things about Sysco Cleveland and it must be true because they have such an outrageous driver turn over, however I personally have never lived it my self so I do not know what to make of it. You'll find this at any company some people come and go in a day others stay for years on end and then some like me in an odd way beat the odds unexpectedly, truthfully where I work they did not expect me to make it, but I did. BTW I am not one of their favorites far from it, I really do not think they wanted me long term but ended up getting me and then it became a "well we could have got worse."

    I know Sysco Cleveland is Union as far as miss loaded trucks being sent out late screwy swing driver routes that are set up to fail 100% of the time, poorly built pallets which falls under the miss loaded category, been there done all that and didn't have half the driving experience I have now.

    Money wise it is pretty consistent where I work now got paid on Friday and I did pretty good by Sysco standards but good by beer standards.

    That's another thing to I do not know what Sysco's training protocol is I know where I work they pretend to have a training protocol and then turn around and throw you to the wolves (I worked as a helper first but the routes I was on and the way some things were done was different for instance a guy running in Lorain county using a 28 foot trailer which is what I was on for most of my time out there is going to have a different experience then a guy in a side loader in Cleveland, different customers and different mix of products.) I would imagine Sysco in some cases to be the same way. So training is going to be different and all over the place.
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  2. grocerythrower

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    Mike if you go to Sysco, you will do well, you have a great attitude, most of this job is just that, attitude, if you let the job hand you misery it will, its there and waiting.

    Like everything else its all in what you make it, here, we train guys well, there they may not, but I assure you that in time you will get it, I think you would do great at Sysco! I believe you should give it a shot!

    You may find its not as bad as you have heard, just remember this job is more mind than muscle, if your head is in the right place, it will be all good!!
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  3. johndeere4020

    johndeere4020 Well-Known Member

    Ok here we go, I worked there 9 months, worst job I ever had. The routing and pallet zoning sucks but I get the impression every Sysco is kinda that way so I guess we wont hold that against the Cleveland house. Besides if you learn how to work your trailer and you get your first stops off so you have some room you can over come a lot of that. That to me is where the mental part comes in, I used to go help guys who were always behind and it was mostly the way they worked their trailer. But starting out you will be a "fill" driver which means you will have no route of your own, that in and of its self is common among most companies you have to start somewhere. They will leave a message in your mailbox every night that you have to call into to see what you are doing the next day, it is supposed to be in by 6pm sometimes its not until 8:30 before they leave it, then sometimes they will say be in at 2am but no later than 5:30 or not at all. Then the will call at 1:30 in the morning and say get in here right away because someone called off or something went wrong. They WILL route you out for 16 hours then call to badger you about what you are doing. They are very disrespectful to everyone regardless of what you do. They love to play little vindictive games to punish you if you do anything they don't like it's a joke. In another thread GT mention being represented by the union, that Teamsters local is why I have little use for the Teamsters, they do nothing for the employees Sysco runs roughshod over them and they lay down and take it. They talk a big show when you talk to them but they are spineless when you need them. You won't get health insurance for 9 months. Here's another little tidbit that is a big secret up there but isn't right and the Teamsters sanction, anybody hired after a certain date (I don't remember the date but it was back in the 90's) makes 4 bucks an hour less than the guys that worked there before that date. Its a dirty little secret around there, I became pretty good friends with one of the senior drivers and he told me about it. If you ask one of the other older drivers about it they get a sheepish look or deny it but most of them will tell you about it if you ask them point blank. I asked about why it wasn't in the contract, it's covered by a supplement that isn't given to new hires so you have no idea until someone tells you. All and all its just a crap hole, and before anyone says its because I'm afraid of work I'm not, I grew up on a dairy farm I've done manual labor its not that. When I worked there I finished ahead almost everyday I had no trouble with the customers or any thing like that its just the environment as a whole, and from what I've been told by the guys who still work there this DIP is a joke. You do what you want but I would steer clear I left on my own I didn't get fired or anything so the only reason I'm posting this is to save you a little heart ache. Good luck
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  4. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

    Thanks John,
    I don't need them calling to badger me. They for the most part where I work now really do not call a whole lot. Once in a blue moon, but it is not very often. I have health insurance now and everything and did not have to work at my current job 9 months to get it. Heck I got my health insurance about a month and a half after I started more or less. The minute my current employer puts you in as a driver full time you are eligible for benefits. They hand you the paper work and say turn these in tomorrow.

    As far as the stupid games and getting punished over that crap, I'm so sick of this society that won't grow up. We do a little bit of that where I work now, but probably not nearly to the extent Sysco does. Where I work now they like to screw over everyone now and then periodically like tomorrow I have a feeling I am going to be screwed over pretty much expecting it.
  5. grocerythrower

    grocerythrower Super Mod

    That does sound pretty bad JD! Glad my house isn't like that, they do play their silly games but we play games of our own so it all evens out. What one man finds to be horrible may not be the same for the next man, we have guys that rant and rave about stuff that don't bother me at all. I am a Steward, if guys ask me to do something I follow up, the union won't do it on their own, they have to know something is wrong. I hope if Mike goes to Sysco CLE he has a better experience than you did Brother, if he doesn't that would suck.
  6. Moneyman01

    Moneyman01 Proud to be a dad!

    There's gotta be better union jobs then throwing groceries. Bread or chip companies? Dairy? Or tankers? When I find a decent union gig I'll let you all know
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  7. double r

    double r Dock delivery expert

    There's many good Union jobs in Cleveland, the problem is, they are not hiring. Nobody quits a good union job, they retire from it and the company has stacks upon stacks of applicants wanting in.

    As for Sysco Cleveland, I have heard for years from several of their drivers that they are the worst Sysco house. Very high turnover. Mike, avoid.
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  8. johndeere4020

    johndeere4020 Well-Known Member

    ericgrz1 took a job there (according to his thread anyway) I wonder how its going he hasn't checked in since he posted that he was starting.
  9. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

    Oh good god after the day I had today, I might be throwing in a couple applications right now. Budweiser is hiring and there warehouse is way closer then where I work now. What grinds my gears is wine, I can't stand the stuff. I had a less then favorable experience at a grocery store this morning because the checker is worthless and always screws the scanning of the mixed wine up and then gets all snippy with me even though she's the idiot who screwed it up. It even prompted me to call management this morning at least they knew I got held up, but almost 2 hours for 85 bottles of wine was way to much time. It was awful I'm still hot over it right now and I'm obviously at home. I'm getting really sick of this mixed wine and these grocery store sideloader stuff. It's one thing to go to the grocery store in a side loader and deliver beer after all how hard is it to deliver 20 cases of Miller High Life? It's not hard the stuff stacks nice and is easy to count in.

    However, I do not hate delivering, but these grocery stores I'm not interested in servicing them anymore.
    I know sometimes food guys go to grocery stores, but there not actually delivering groceries that the store is going to resell. At least from what I see the food guys do not get as much trouble as I do. Our stuff has to all match money wise ugh it is ugly. I am not digging it. The warehouse is never going to stop screwing the mixed wine which is where most of my problems come in. Anyhow I'm sorry just a little ticked right now. I try to have a good attitude, but sometimes it's hard when you have troubles two weeks in a row at the same stop and the dumb checker can't do there job correctly and is lazy as all get out it gets to you.

    I have some receivers who are very good actually most of them, to be honest, but all it takes is one bad one.
    Yeah I guess I will take the warnings and avoid Sysco, to bad too.

    I want to see if the transit authority has any positions open in the garage like washing buses and moving them around and rescuing buses from the field. The transit authority has a garage very close to my house about 5 minutes away may be worth looking into.
  10. johndeere4020

    johndeere4020 Well-Known Member

    I know your frustrated but you'll have the same kind of stuff in food service, wait until you have to deliver a big stop from your freezer compartment through the side door and its buried. But you will have dumb customers just like you do now. I loved when you would go to a stop for the first time and the person checking you in takes you on a whirl wind tour, this goes here, this goes here, that goes here, certain dry goods here, certain dry goods here. Then your in your trailer trying to remember what goes where, then they will stop you and make you move something you put in the "wrong" place. Then when its time to sign the bill they can't be found. I have know idea what you current job is like, but wait until its Friday afternoon your close to 70 hours worked that week, its 90 degrees out and a customer pulls that crap. I think in any kind of business like that you will have similar experiences, whether its food, beer, linens, whatever . Its the nature of the beast. I only did it for 9 months and I'm setting here thinking of 20 different stories I could tell, so I bet Grocery Thrower could make your head spin.
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  11. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

    For the heck of it the RTA did not have anything I wanted, but GFS had two openings so I applied to work there again for like oh I don't know the 4th 0r 5th time. Will see what they say last time they called me I had a phone interview!
  12. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

    Most of my stops are okay it's that one grocery store that jack asses me around and ugh my trailer was loaded down today they had geeze 19-20 pallets in a 14 bay trailer stuff was loaded on the side it all merged and fell into its self and I mean it was doable, but ugh. I know all about people signing the bill and not being found ha-ha! I know, one of the Budweiser drivers I know said "Were hiring come on over and work with us." Budweiser here in Cleveland the side loader guys do not seem to have to do as much grocery store stuff as where I work now and they seem to have heavy days, but very condensed routes they really do not drive anywhere at all like the guy who does my route for Budweiser goes like no where, they are not spread as thin as I am.
  13. Banker

    Banker Active Member

    Mike you might be interested in hauling cars for Jack Cooper. The company is still growing in different areas of the country. I'm not sure if they will being hiring in Avon Lake when the Ford plant is done retooling, but you could call the Avon Lake terminal or HQ in Kansas City and ask. If Avon Lake doesn't hire, Ft. Wayne Indiana hires very often and you could probably usually get a load from there towards or thru Cleveland. You wouldn't be home every night, but it's a great job if you don't mind 2-4 nights a week on the road. If this doesn't work you could try Cassens. They have several locations in Ohio and pay the same as Jack Cooper.
  14. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that banker, I do not know if I have enough experience for auto hauling? I've got oh in a day to make things easy 7 months with this company and then a 4-5 months in school so almost a year pretty soon that I have been involved in this industry.
  15. Moneyman01

    Moneyman01 Proud to be a dad!

    Banker is right. Car hauling is a great gig. I looked into it last year. I wish I could've done it. Cassens and Jack Cooper are union with good pensions
  16. Banker

    Banker Active Member

    I know that they have hired guys recently that had very little driving experience and they have done well. I suppose there is still a shortage of very experienced applicants at most places so they may just give you a shot. If you can peddle 5 loads of beer a week, you will think your on vacation with carhauling. We have many drivers in their 70's doing this job because they still love the job. It's physical but the more you do it the less physical it gets because you use your head more than your muscles.
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  17. Moneyman01

    Moneyman01 Proud to be a dad!

    I'll be looking into again eventually. Time to go union I think
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  18. 00mustang

    00mustang ON THE ROAD IN THE WAY @61.97

    Hey mike just go to the website's at cassen's or jack cooper and they will say what terminals are hiring. cassens has a terminal in lordstown. "nuff said have a happy new year
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  19. lightpoll

    lightpoll New Member

    gt your right you must have a great attitude to be able to do this typ of work . I don't think I could handle the beer or soft drink delivery, heard a lot bad stores . for sysco it's been a great job I wouldn't been here sence the 1900 hud. there been good and bad time here.the good time in 1900 and bad 2000 to me in a way they don't care for the driver anymore. I think there bad in every sysco house thats becauce of the people who runs it. too much pride. but for sysco its been a great place to work must keep a good attitude or your dts could say you don't have a good attitude so he can used that to write you up. heard that a lot. you all have a great new year
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  20. grocerythrower

    grocerythrower Super Mod

    Well Mike, I certainly can't compete with carhaul.

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