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  1. twisted-hippie

    twisted-hippie Why do we park in driveways & drive on parkways?

    Congrats...happy retirement ! :1036316054:
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  2. yrc-atm

    yrc-atm commodities relocator

    If you remember, what they did was give the debtors stock which was newly released shares. This influx of new shares diluted the price to the point where they were forced to do a reverse split or be kicked off the exchange. This in effect wiped out the existing shareholders screwing them over including us who according to the first mou would have gotten shares had the price gotten to a strike price. That price is so high now because of the split, we will never achieve it. Screwing us over as well.
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  3. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    Congratulations but I see too much work just loading and unloading that trailer there.
  4. mysticobra

    mysticobra Just here.

    I agree.
    If you have tools. That means work. And I'm talking working tools. I avoid them like the plague at home. I sold my riding mower. So I don't even cut anymore.
    I tried to sell my tools at a yard sale. Wife said no way. She has quite the toolbox now.
    And uses them.

    I'm gonna get grief over this.
    :off topic:
  5. Triplex

    Triplex Experienced stalker

    Talk to Wong, he knows where you can get some sheep to keep your grass trimmed.
  6. mysticobra

    mysticobra Just here.

    My son has a business.
    I get the discount.
    We are a union of two!
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  7. bigtruk_us

    bigtruk_us Well-Known Member

    If you remember that after the 2 reverse stock splits the investors were able to re-negotiate their position and we were left with empty pockets
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  8. yrc-atm

    yrc-atm commodities relocator

    The 2nd reverse split is what killed the shares that were put into our 401k accounts after the 2nd mou
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  9. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    And the offer of company shares to union employees with the first vote is partially what helped pass it, because I would bet a paycheck, Zollars and the banks knew a second mou would come along and wipe out those shares saving them more money not to have to payout...
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  10. mysticobra

    mysticobra Just here.

    I have a check somewhere for something (it was years ago and it was involving these shares) it totaled 4 bucks. Never cashed it. Although the 1800$ that went into my 401 has quadrupled over time. I left that alone with my other money in my 401.
    Grocery money!
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  11. Elwood

    Elwood Question Authority

    That one is pretty cool and very productive, but the deleted one was way more fun! :17142:
  12. falconfan

    falconfan Well-Known Member

    If I were the lender I wouldn't extend the maturity date on the debt unless the contract were extended with it.To many uncertainties,including strike .( which I do not think they would overcome).
    I won't be surprised if they try to extend our contract until 2022 along with the debt.
    I guess we will see.
  13. bigtruk_us

    bigtruk_us Well-Known Member

    I think the union has a new agreement with the company.Actions speak louder than words hence the extension til 2022.The bank (s) are satisfied.Watch for a vote til we get it right tactic as early as 2018.
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    MC, I feel you put a lot of thought in your posts and have good opinions, but
    I have a question for you, what is white, has 4 legs,4 wheels, 2 tires and eats grass?
  15. mysticobra

    mysticobra Just here.

    Now it's not a sheep. Wheels... 2 tires? I don't know.
    I don't put that much thought in most posts. Sarcasm pours out if me.
    I put some thought in some posts. But mostly common sense. I guess.
    Thanks for the compliment?..?
    I cannot answer your question. But I know you will give me the answer.
    Just woke. No riddles this early.
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  16. seabreeze

    seabreeze Not Well Known Member, 60 Year Teamster Member

    Its a GOAT, I was kidding about wheels and tires
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  17. mysticobra

    mysticobra Just here.

    Your making me think with half of half of half of my brain.
    One cup of coffee is not enough. Need more.
  18. Canadian Flyer

    Canadian Flyer Self-Employed

    That firing on all cylinders thing can be pretty hard early in the day.

    In fact, in can be pretty hard. I try not to run at more than 80% on any given day. And at home that drops to 40%. Sit in front of the TV and drool. No brain power required to watch reruns of old TV shows. Couch is comfy. Beer is cold. Nuff said.
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