Electronic time clocks question.

Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by Boilerpeddle, Aug 12, 2016.

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    I just want them to come out and show me how to unload the playgrounds, the hardwood flooring and the rubber mulch.
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    Aww,........ That's easy. You engage the PTO, pull back on the lever, and wait until the rumbling noise stops.......
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    Know of any rats in your barn? If so, be sure to back up within 1 foot of the rats vehicle & pull the PTO out all the way & throttle up. Don't forget to release the door chains. You wouldn't want to leave anything in the bed. Now I need some ideas on the type of material said dump bed should contain. Any thoughts? von.
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    I agree with this. Also, in the next contract, I think we should propose the idea of itemizing our vaycay, sick days, and personal holidays balance on our weekly pay stubs. Example: each employee has 40 hours of sick pay on Jan. 1st. As we use days, the balance goes to 32, 24, 16 hours...right on down to zero.
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  5. ABFer

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    Good idea but it will be a hard sell, they aren't worried about our conveniences or what we want, besides, if I'm not mistaken the money paid is tabulated on the stubs, not the hours or days but the $$$$. It's not too hard to figure it out.
  6. GO40

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    Please let me know what paper company supplies abf, their stock will soar if that happened....
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  7. Songremainsthesame

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    They don't do that already? Weird.
  8. LS1GTO

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    I don't think we have to worry to much about them stealing time from us. Since the electronic time clock is tied in to the PeopleNet electronic log, if times are changed, then they are also altering a log entry, which if they do, you get a notification of it when you eventually log into the truck. So if they are stealing time from us, they are also altering our logs on us at the same time. If they go into the system and change times or fix our mistakes, the system knows what member of management did it and when they did it... No hiding that one. Basically put, it would be completely foolish on management's part to mess with our times and do something they shouldn't.
  9. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    It wouldn't be a first...
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  10. LS1GTO

    LS1GTO Former LTL driver turned package monkey...

    I'm sure you are right... but with technology advancing and paper becoming a thing of the past, even management cannot get away with lying or cheating. The almighty computer documents everything. Grievances should be a slam freakin dunk because the evidence would be overwhelming. As an aside, I use an app called Racap+ to track my hours and match my check on Fridays. If I am within 15 mins either way due to me rounding, I am good to go. I deduct 30 mins for lunch and I remember to add the 30 mins back in to account for 14 hours and 60 hours for hours available. Yes, it has been a somewhat regular occurrence to bump 14 and 60 for me for the last dozen weeks or so.
  11. Trucker 206

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    Tell us more about this app. Sounds interesting.
  12. LS1GTO

    LS1GTO Former LTL driver turned package monkey...

    It is available for free in the Google Play store for Android, not sure about iPhones... Search the play store for recap plus. Warsoft is the developer. It is an hours recap for the week. You set it for the 60/7 or 70/8 duty cycle and what it does is graph your hours worked each day and then gives you your available hours for the next day and rest of the week. You can do a restart and it will reset you back to 60 or 70 and start again. I just plug my total hours worked each day, minus 30 mins for lunch. I then put my total hours worked for the week on Friday on my calendar app and then compare when I get the check for the week. Just remember to add back in your lunch each day to account for your hours worked for the week, since lunches count towards your 14 per day, 60 per week.

    I like it just because of modern technology... No more having to write down my hours and total them for the week.... Let the app do it for you. Just plug the number in and done.
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  13. LS1GTO

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    Screenshot for you...

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  14. LS1GTO

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  15. Trucker 206

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    Thanks so much!
  16. LS1GTO

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    No Problem!
  17. grovercxl

    grovercxl HUH?

    Actually, I don't think your lunch counts toward the 60 hours. I know your lunch is part of your 14 hours, since that is 14 hours from when you first logged on, but the 60 hour limit is for all on duty time only. Also, if you log your breaks on your Peoplenet, they are logged as off-duty so that time doesn't count toward the 60 hour limit either. I am almost positive about this, but I've been wrong before.
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  18. LS1GTO

    LS1GTO Former LTL driver turned package monkey...

    You are correct in what you are saying about the lunches and breaks being logged off duty... Peoplenet is adding that time back in and you can see it come Friday when you have 2.5 hours more cycle time for the lunches you have taken plus whatever breaks you have taken. There would be at least 20 mins per day of breaks, more if you work 10, 12 hour days.

    Legally, I don't know how it is possible for the time to count toward your 14 hour limit per day, but then you get it back later because it was off duty. This isn't my first go around with electronic logs... Used peoplenet at one of my previous employers and used one called @Road. Both of those counted everything towards your 60. So if something has changed rules wise by the FMCSA or DOT, then I am not sure how this is possible for all off duty time logged during the week to be given back on Friday. I use Friday because most of us City guys work Monday through Friday.

    Peoplenet is doing exactly what you described... My opinion is that it is wrong... If anyone else can shed some light, I am all ears. Going by my hours calculations, when they try to get me to go back out and I am real close to 60, I refuse. I offer to work the dock, but I won't drive.
  19. ABFer

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    Are your break times only added back to your available time at the end of the week, or do they become available the next tour of duty? I figured that they were included in your 14 hour duty time because you were at work and it does use up your available body resources. I think it is odd, though, that it counts towards the 14 but not the 60. :shrug:
  20. Dracula

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    When I log in, my e-log starts the 14 hour clock. I log off duty to take my 30 minute break. The 14 hour clock continues to run but my on duty clock stops and doesn't start again until I log back on duty. My available times, both daily and weekly, are updated in real time, not at the end of the day or week.
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