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Discussion in 'Holland' started by skullcramp, Apr 6, 2017.

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    Yeah, there isn't really a good option anymore, I work at a uaw represented shop now, you want to see pathetic, you should see these bums. I had a slam dunk greivance, they didn't even have the balls to win it. "You make good money, don't worry about it", lol. I pay 55 a month for propaganda and lies.
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    Sounds like the UAW reps and BA's went to the same training seminars as the Teamster reps and officials did. Too lazy and overconfident to do what they're paid to do. Lifetime jobs for them.
    That's what happens to good teams that have been on top and winning for way too long. The coaches, owners and players get cocky and overconfident. They no longer stay on top of things. They no longer think it's necessary to practice every day or keep looking over their shoulder to see if any other teams are "sneaking up on them".
    The same goes for companies and unions. If nothing is done to make the company products as good or better than the competition, they begin to lose ground and customers. With the Teamsters, the non-union companies have now caught up and in most cases passed what the Teamster represented companies have been offering. They are stealing both customers and employees. The Teamster Freight Division may well be gone before anything is done to correct it. It may well be too late already.
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    how many non union shops have you organized to bring in the union, PUT THE 25% INTO MY 401k. Too many people paying union dues now that will never see a pension check!
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