Home Depot & XPO ???

Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by wongway, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. wongway

    wongway -15% Pay , Never forget

  2. DanielHK

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    Doesn't HD use JB Hunt as a carrier and as a 3rd part for their delivery service? I don't see the reasoning why a home improved store would buy xpo?
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  4. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    I always thought I look good in one of the orange aprons ....
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  5. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    That’s not why they would buy us. Think bigger. No insult intended.
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  6. ole man

    ole man Well-Known Member

    Home Depot and XPO are all over the news. Is something cooking?
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  7. ole man

    ole man Well-Known Member

    Doesn’t HOme Depot use XPO for its Last Mile stuff? If Amazon gets XPO, and I hear they’re looking too, Amazon gets Home Depot’s last mile too.
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  8. ole man

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  9. ole man

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  10. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    Can we write are names on the aprons ?
  11. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    Building something big , something grand ,something something somet.. yeah right.

    Brace yourselves it’s gonna be a hard landing
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  12. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    All joking aside the whole story from every separate news article is based on one sole unnamed source. I think we may need to wait this one out before we jump to any conclusions
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  13. wongway

    wongway -15% Pay , Never forget

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  14. CenturyClass

    CenturyClass Lead-side Recruit

    Looks like a pump and dump job to me. Kinda like what happened with bitcoin over the last two weeks.

    Why would Home Depot buy XPO just for the network. Can't see the connection. And if these were legit talks head should roll, because the purchase price just got bumped.
  15. Stock goes from $75 on Monday to $90 on Friday. Definitely something going on here. Hope you were in the market before it went up like it has over the last 5 days.
  16. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    Does this mean XPO trucks will get rebranded again, painted orange??
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  17. Perma-bull

    Perma-bull Member

    Let’s put two and two together. XPO purchases Conway for Menlo. The common sentiment was that Truckload would be sold. XPO sells Truckload. What does this mean?

    Brad Jacobs has become a billionaire by either creating companies and selling them, or buying companies and then selling them at higher prices. How? An LTL company is no different than a Last Mile and that’s no different than Waste Management and that’s no different than an oil brokerage firm and that’s no different from an equipment rental company and that’s no different than what we he buys next.

    Jacobs and his team have systemically made XPO a money making machine. He cares nothing about us, but what CEO does? He is not in the logistics business. He is and has been in the business of flipping companies.

    XPO buys Conway. FOS and above salaries get cut. Terminal Managers are getting fired left and right. Tenured guys. Guys who have been with the company decades. Guys who make too much money. XPO has cut every single salary except the driver, which they are unable to do. But if they could, they would.

    XPO cut lean. XPO cut corporate jobs. XPO cut managers’ salaries. XPO cut equipment purchases. XPO cut vendor pay by consolidating with Facility Source. XPO has gutted this company for the sake of raising the share price. Now we are in the cycle of life talks again. Why though? Well, that’s another topic that I cannot approach now as it is too complex yet obvious.

    We will be sold. Home Depot wants us for two reasons. We have a spectacular Last Mile division. And if HD buys us it means Amazon could not. Online shopping has grown significantly year over year and is forecasted to continue. HD would never become obsolete because they offer much more than applicable purchases, but could gain significant ground in regards to Amazon and their online presence. If Amazon purchased XPO, HD would only be useful for us to go to on a Sunday to purchase a chainsaw or box of nails or some obscure part to your garage.

    It’s not only a defensive move by HD, but aggressive as well. If true of course.
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  18. eBiTDa

    eBiTDa No Beer, No Work

    If I remember correctly, did not the LTL side of XPO have an ugly break up with Amazon? If them goons did buy XPO, we might be in trouble over here, we might get the heave hoe like truckload did. Amazon is a revolving door. They are giving Chinese companies a run for their money on slave labor tactics. Either way, I will believe it when I see it, and it would not surprise me.
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  19. guitarman1

    guitarman1 Active Member

    Hopefully, UPS or FED-EX buy the LTL portion of XPO...
  20. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    That would not fair well for us . They already have terminals in place to to service their customers. That would mean most if not all of us would loose our jobs
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