Ken Feinberg Press Call at 1:30 to discuss decision

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    The U.S. Treasury will announce its decision Friday afternoon on the deep cuts to pension checks sought by the ailing Teamsters Central States Pension Fund.

    Kenneth Feinberg will discuss the decision in a press call, after which the information will be released at 1:30 p.m. Central Time.
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    I'm sure this decision will be across the nation,not just the central states.
    When the cuts were first introduced, the central states may have been the heart.
    However myself being in the upstate NY local was also informed cuts were coming my way.
    Our local always bragged about how healthy our pension was,when they were attempting to organize Overnite in 2000.
    Now these many years later why is our local pension hurting?
    And this after Overnite has been taken over by UPS,with more dues paying members added to the pot.
    Go figure.

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