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    I got the same letter. But in snail mail.
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    These lawyers really have all the angles figured out. Now they are telling me the employees of J-A (California) arent covered by the WARN act because we didnt have enough employees! Sun has managed to split off all the terminals into individual units to cut out many drivers at the smaller terminals. And Outten and Goulden tell me its perfectly legal! Doesnt matter that I worked out of J-1 for 7 years before I moved out to J-A for the last 4 years of Jevic's existence. Now I can go pound sand! Seems to me we were all screwed equally, we should all have equal rights under the law.
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    WARN lawsuit update

    This is from, I don't have a subscription, the website allows viewing of the first paragraph only:

    Law360, New York (July 31, 2009) -- A federal appeals court has ruled that Sun Capital Partners Inc. can remove a class action filed by laid-off employees of trucking company Jevic Transportation Inc., which Sun owns, to federal court even though Jevic is bankrupt, reversing a decision by a district court.

    Do any of the former drivers involved as plaintiffs have any more lawsuit news?
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    UP Date 10/20/09 cleaned up!!!

    All Jevic WARN Class Members


    Jack A. Raisner, Rene' S. Roupinian

    October 20, 2009

    Dear Class Member:

    We would like to give you a brief update regarding our case against the Jevic Debtors and Sun Capital Partners, Inc. for violation of the federal and New Jersey WARN Acts.

    On July 13, 2009, we sent an email update stating that the case is currently in the discovery phase. We are still in discovery phase, which means we are gathering the documents and information we need from the defendants to prove our case. Jevic, has little money to fund the estate. Our efforts to obtain information to assist in our claim against Sun have been hampered. We moved to compel the production of documents and responses to discovery requests against Jevic, which has facilitated the process. We have also subpoenaed documents from third parties. Recently, a third party produced 25,000 pages of documents which we are currently reviewing.

    The gathering of information is necessary to address the defenses asserted by Jevic and Sun. In addition, ascertaining the scope of the class and the full amount of the damages will assist us in settlement negotiations.

    Although the process may seem unusually long, two years is a good bench mark for these types of cases. There's no guarantee that we will reach a resolution in that time frame, however, many of the WARN cases we filed in August 2007 are coming to a close.

    If any significant developments occur in the case, we will update the status on our website. In the interim, we continue to press forward with discovery.

    Please remember to update us regarding an address change.

    Thank you
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    When I worked at APA it took 7 years to get anything. Appeal after appeal from the owner. Court case after court cas etc. We will finally be getting paid around 7K owed. Just be patient. These things are not settled in 3 years less very rarely
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    To tell the truth, I don't care if I get any money. I just want Sun to hemorrhage money in court costs. Only one way to hurt them is by making them bleed green.

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