melton any good?

Discussion in 'Melton Truck Lines' started by nctruckdriver, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. nctruckdriver

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    anybody have any info on this company? my brother is headed to orientation this week, he's never done flatbled so he's a little weary.
    all i know is i think they're going to start him off at .40cpm
  2. grocerythrower

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    Thats not bad pay to start, flatbed is better than van, no lumpers, grocery DC's, like Sysco ect. I've always been told that when you have something on a flatbed the reciever usually needs it so you will get unloaded, thats good. I worked with a guy that did 5 yrs with Melton, the only reason he quit was to come to where I was at on a recomendation of a friend, he said he really liked it there, I know this is old but I hope your Brother is doing well!!


    are they running cut back trucks or do they trust a hand to git er done without crashing????
  4. grocerythrower

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    I haven't the foggiest notion, they are a big outfit on computer so I doubt they are going to let a guy get er done so to speak, they do have nice equipment, good tarps, straps, trailers, trucks always look good IDK how fast they run, I run 57-58 governed so everyone is faster than me!

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