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    Thank you for posting accident news articles in this forum!

    Trucking can be dangerous and these articles show us all just how.Sometimes a reminder can help in remembering to take care while on the road.
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    hey, no problem. i've been coming to this forum for quite a while now and i figured it was about time i helped out a bit.

    and for those who are like me, truck enthusiasts but not drivers. be sure to remember to respect trucks on the highway. far too many accidents and close calls occur due to poor driving by cars near trucks.
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    You've also got my thanks..

    Most on these boards know I've been driving P & D in my local area for 43 years .
    I'm sorry to say they wern't all accident free.
    I've come very close to death in 3 accidents over the years.
    I know its by the grace of God that I'm living on borrowed time.
    I also reconize that every breath I take is a gift from God.

    To make a long story short,I always check out the accidents first when I get on the truckingboars.

    The real bad ones with pictures I print out.
    Read them over than leave them in our drivers room,so all can have it on their minds to be safe no matter what they do.

    So thanks again from this old gearjammer,

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