PA: I-81 Trucker rams into stopped car, kills one

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by satanhimself, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. satanhimself

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    So, let's see. Was the trucker asleep, drunk, texting, or overdriving his headlights?

    Regardless of why the vehicle was in the road, even if the woman intentionally stopped her car in a "suicide" attempt, if wasn't suicide. It's homocide. A frequent occurrence by truckers on PA highways, thanks to the impotent PA State Police.
  2. allnightrain44

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    how about for what ever reason -car stops in the 3rd lane, and just sits there, know 4 ways, what are these people thinking? the good lord will save them from traffic that is going 65+ miles an hour? when will you people that don't drive for aliveing , wake up and pay attention to what really goes on , on our highway system. even the ones that do drive for a liveing , alot are border line ***=holes. but anyone who's car stops in any lane of a 3 lane highway and sits there ,no lights,and doesn't due something to protect there life or show car is disableabled, well, i guess thats why so many die on our highways. and now we have a genious say, even if it was suicide, it really is homicide because a truck did it.
  3. Glad to see you back again Satan spewing your dribble.
  4. satanhimself

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    You truckers simply do not want any responsibility for killing innocent auto drivers. Isn't there a word for driving so fast that you can't stop in time avoid a collision at night time? Isn't it called OVERDRIVING your headlights? Easily avoided by SLOWING DOWN. But most of you truckers have only one thing on your mind: $$$$$$$

    I was on the PA Turnpike a few weeks ago, got caught in a NASTY thunderstorm. Some cars pulled off, the rest of us SLOWED DOWN (including SOME trucks). But there were still lots of trucks BLASTING BY, not only ignoring the speed limit (as usual), but in total disregard of the safety of everybody else on the road.

    SLOW DOWN, BACK OFF, wake up, get sober, stop texting, stop looking at maps, stop peeing in bottles, and start being the "professional" drivers you claim to be.
  5. WanabeTrucker

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  6. Apostolic

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    Anytime anyone wants information on crashes they may know of,and can't find anything.
    You are welcome to post a request for me to find a link somewhere from the internet.
    If it is avaluable I'm sure I can find something with my many news sources.

    What I need is the best location of the crash scene,the date,and nearest timeline.
    However the older it gets the harder it will be to find anything.
  7. allnightrain44

    allnightrain44 Active Member

    just for the record, the local news came out and said , that the state police don't beleive speed played a part in this crash, i guess they couldn't come out and say stupidty played a great part in this crash and also the death of this women.
  8. satanhimself

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    The PA State Police don't want to talk about speed, because they are negligent in controlling the speed of trucks in this state. If the disabled car was instead going 40 mph, and the truck was going 55, speed is still a factor, because vehicles approaching from behind have a duty to slow down or to safely pass the slower vehicle. Same goes if the car was going 0 mph, and the truck was going 55. But, on the Harrisburg newspaper's message board another trucker reported that at least 2 trucks (including himself) and one car (and perhaps more) DID see her and avoided the collision. Why was this one guy unable to avoid killing her?
  9. mechanix

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    And since your the expert,,, please tell the good people here what is the MINIMUM speed limit you are allowed operate a vehicle on the Pa. interstates.
    And why the state police didn't get there sooner to remove the vehicle from the highway....
    Too many unanswered questions for this to continue....
  11. satanhimself

    satanhimself New Member

    ยง 3364. Minimum speed regulation. (a) Impeding movement of traffic prohibited.--Except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law, no person shall drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. (b) Slow moving vehicle to drive off roadway.--Except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law, whenever any person drives a vehicle upon a roadway having width for not more than one lane of traffic in each direction at less than the maximum posted speed and at such a slow speed as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, the driver shall, at the first opportunity when and where it is reasonable and safe to do so and after giving appropriate signal, drive completely off the roadway and onto the berm or shoulder of the highway. The driver may return to the roadway after giving appropriate signal only when the movement can be made in safety and so as not to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic.

    So, 40 mph could be reasonable and safe depending on the conditions.
    Also, 0 mph, in this case, appears to have been unavoidable.
    Whereas the collision clearly WAS avoidable, because other vehicles DID avoid it.
    What was wrong with this trucker? Did he make any attempt to avoid the collision?
    Or was he in an all-too-common trucker's daze?
    Agreed, we need more info.
  12. satanhimself

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  13. satanhimself

    satanhimself New Member

    You know, just once I'd like to hear a trucker say,

    "Although all drivers (cars and trucks) should obey the law and use good judgment, because I drive such a large and heavy vehicle, and because it sometimes contains hazardous materials, and because my vehicle can't stop as quickly as cars, and because my vehicle isn't as maneuverable as cars, and because my vehicle has the potential to be much more destructive than a typical auto, and because my actions reflect on an entire industry, I make sure that I obey the speed limits, that I don't follow too closely, that I am extra careful when I change lanes, that I don't keep phony log books, that I don't drive when tired, that I don't pee in bottles while I'm driving and toss them out the window, and that I don't act like a bully on the highways---even though it costs me time and money."

    I'm sure there are some truckers who feel this way, but I've never heard them say it--or anything close to it.
  14. CDL holder

    CDL holder with all endorsements

    So may forum sites start good with high hopes and then begin to head south. I can't believe TB allows people to come on and call themselves Satan with one purpose: to bash the membership. I guess we're headed down the slippery slope.
  15. satanhimself

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    I didn't bash ALL truckers. But once again, the issue has been sidestepped. I really wish someone would address the issue of those MANY truckers who speed, tailgate, and "cut off" cars, and those (relative few) who crush and incinerate innocent car drivers and passengers.

    If the "good" truckers would organize against the "bad" ones, maybe you'd see more support from car drivers.
  16. CDL holder

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    All trolls should be sidestepped. When you join a forum with the name Satan and immediately go on the attack, you should not be taken seriously and should not be welcomed. In fact, you should be banned.

    Go create another account with a non-offensive name and come back with some respectful dialogue.

    BTW, buy a CB radio and you will know that dangerous truck drivers are already chastised by the trucking community. There is nothing we can do beyond that. It is up to the police to enforce the laws.
  17. satanhimself

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    What's so "offensive" about the name "satanhimself"?
    Christians talk about Satan all the time, and nobody claims to be offended when they do it.
    Apostaholic, a concerned Christian, didn't have a problem with it.
    Why so sensitive?

    You say it is up to the police to enforce the laws, but you use a CB to avoid that enforcement. You say it is up to the police to enforce the laws, but I've never heard of a group of truckers petitioning the police to enforce the laws on speeding, following too closely etc.
  18. CDL holder

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    I'm done feeding the trolls, but let me close by saying that it's ridiculous to say that you are satanhimself and wonder why it would be offensive. The History channel talks about Hitler all the time and I'm not offended. If you came on here and called yourself hitlerhimself then I would be offended.

  19. satanhimself

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    Again, you failed to address the substantive issue. This is typical. I hope others will stick to the topic and ignore my handle.
  20. Apostolic

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    To all of you who are continuing in this negative discussion,please stop,as negativity is counter productive on this forum.

    This Accident forum is meant to inform of the hazards of driving tired,or not paying attention to your path of travel.
    Anything that makes driving any commercial vehicles unsafe.

    Nobody wakes up and plans on killing any one driving around them with their motor vehicle.

    Also if you see ideas you don't agree with,please just agree to disagree and move on.

    Thanks to all for your cooperation.

    I have never banned any (TB) members since I've been a Mod. on this message board,and I really don't want to break my perfect record.
    However I'm boarder line on doing it.
    So again I ask everyone to please stop your nonsense,and find something a bit more positive to contribute to this forum,or don't post anything.

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