Pa semi accident. Swift driver deceased

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by engineer33, Sep 22, 2009.

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    Thank you for the horrific crash post Engineer33.
    May God have mercy,and help the healing of the minds of this drivers loved ones.
    And may he rest in peace.
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    I believe it was the Foreway driver that is dead. Look at the pictures, the aluminum wheels are from the foreway's tractor. I believe after the crash happen, the swift driver dropped his trailer and pulled out from it. Swift got rear ended
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    I believe it was the fault of the swift driver being parked where he/she needed not to be parked as is so common with newbie drivers.
    The Foreway driver may or not have been tired and maybe did or didn't acknowledge that swift wasn't moving, yet we'll never altogether know.
    It may entirely have been a sudden Medical condition (like a stroke, heart attack, etc.,) with the Foreway driver yet no one will ever know until we meet on the other side.
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    Was the Swift driver parked? The only thing I could see in the news story was that the Swift truck was stopped for a construction zone.
    Granted, IF the swift driver was parked, then yes, bad place to park (obviously) but being a state highway there is a good chance this is a two lane road, and construction crews have to direct traffic in both directions on a single lane, in which case, no this would not be the fault of the Swift driver.

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