Rams to play NFL games in London for next 3 years

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    LONDON (AP)—The St. Louis Rams took the first step to becoming Britain’s “home” team Friday, agreeing to play a regular-season NFL game in London in each of the next three seasons.

    And first up are the New England Patriots, who are two wins from another Super Bowl title.

    The Rams and Patriots meet at Wembley on Oct. 28, about two months after the closing ceremony of the London Olympics. That will be followed by games at Wembley against undetermined opponents in 2013 and 2014.

    The Rams are owned by Stan Kroenke, who is also the majority shareholder in the English soccer club Arsenal. The team will give up home games in St. Louis for the three seasons they are in London..................

    Rams to play NFL games in London for next 3 years - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
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    There goes the neighborhood...Before ya know it,me ,mud,and Woodrow will be forced to have tea and crumpets...Geez....

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