This one will hurt

Discussion in 'New Penn' started by Friend of the frog, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Did the same thing at Roadway. Took the backlight "BigR" out of the air shield, paint the trucks one color. All part of the save money game.
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    You would have a hard time finding anyone who likes these color changes. But I can handle the orange as long as new equipment keeps coming our way. GRIZZ
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    And that makes your company better. For your information Holland O/R last qtr was right at 90. Not a bad turn around considering what was dumped on them the last 2-3yrs. I am not here to slam your company but it takes the whole regional group to make YRC regional!! And if things work out they will turn Bestway into a profitable side of the group as well, and hopefully gain more Teamsters barns at Bestway in the process. Have a wonderful "LABOR DAY" holiday.

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