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Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by sucker666, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    Hell they can't even keep def, washer fluid etc in stock . We run out of that stuff for weeks at a time . They want people to go over to the auto parts story to buy it on their on dime.. I kid you not.
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  2. snaildriver

    snaildriver Retired

    Helps the bottom line if they can get you to do it.
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  3. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    Not me , others unbelievable but yes.
  4. sportsman800

    sportsman800 Active Member

    If you show this post to your tm you might just get the next quarterly leader award might!!!:438::butt kiss:
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  5. sportsman800

    sportsman800 Active Member

    I dont doubt it we have some people around here that will do anything for a mediocre job hell i know guys that would buy the fuel tonight to go on there run if the xpo gods asked them too they just keep filling there cups with the red stuff:bowdown:
  6. Rollin

    Rollin Active Member

    Oh you guys crack me up with all this talk.

    White does typically show dirt fairly easy. On the other hand correct me if I'm wrong, but it is also the cheapest color. Kool-Aid Man is always out there.:heykoolaid:

    Question. Are the XPO decals covering up old Conway decals or where they peeled off?
  7. upnorth

    upnorth Super Moderator Staff Member

    Covered up.
  8. dalesr

    dalesr Well-Known Member

    If they don’t care, why should we? I only wash mine occasionally, and then it is on their dime. The inside is another story. That’s my office. I eat my lunch in my tractor. It needs to stay pretty clean. I guess I’m lucky to have what I have!
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  9. useless

    useless Active Member

    my old boss said one time; put some ivory sno-flakes on your tractor it's going to rain. I told him if mother nature put it there she can take it off
  10. rangeman

    rangeman Active Member

    If you think this is work, come to my house I'll show you what real work is.
  11. sportsman800

    sportsman800 Active Member

    Nope im good got plenty of my own
  12. vongrimmenstein

    vongrimmenstein Well-Known Member

    Know anybody who could not clean the windshield for the lack of ww fluid when they left the terminal, parked it & called for a service truck to bring the ww fluid out on the highway. Doesn't your company give you fuel cards or have accounts @ the truck stops. Or is the outfit so broke my questions are wishful thinking. One time I used my money to help the company. They paid me back 4 weeks latrer on my check. The amount was under 20 bucks. They said they were out of cash. I never made that mistake again & they found that out in a very expensive way. Screw me once shame on you, twice, shame on me. von.
  13. dalesr

    dalesr Well-Known Member

    Yes, we do have fuel cards in every tractor. I have been paid out of petty cash in the past, but now management requests a check for anything you may buy with your own cash. Aside from maps when I was in the city and a gallon of washer solvent once when I ran out, I’ve never needed to buy anything. And no, I don’t think XPO is going broke, they are just saving for a rainy day!
  14. icuicp

    icuicp Well-Known Member

    Bradley " Rainy Day " Jacobs
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  15. Trucker 206

    Trucker 206 Well-Known Member

    You’re lucky. The EPA was sniffing around our terminal some months ago, and now we’re not allowed to use soap at our place. Water only. Yeah...that’ll get the bugs off the glass!
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  16. ConwayDSR

    ConwayDSR Well-Known Member

    That don’t make any sense. Why can’t you use soap? They surely didn’t make it illegal to use windshield washer fluid or dawn.
  17. Fly-by-night

    Fly-by-night Only when you care to send the very best

    Now we have to know what state this was in.
  18. ConwayDSR

    ConwayDSR Well-Known Member

    When are they going to buy more trucks, replace more safestack,get newer dollies, etc...

    This past year I have saw so many trailers with the safestack all jacked up and strap ends holding the bars up.

    I’m actually scared myself every night pushing the bars up that they’ll fall down on my head at some random time.

    It didn’t cross my mind before but it does every single time now.

    Actually, when are they going to take better care of their terminals and equipment in general. Everything is so dirty including forklifts, bathrooms(ancient tile, faucets, etc..) asphalt all jacked up.
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  19. Fly-by-night

    Fly-by-night Only when you care to send the very best

    As far as I know the general barn maintaince is up to your local management and comes out of you barn expenses. If your place is dirty and in ill repair that just means your TM is more worried about his number and bonus. Why would they fix the safe stack almost every trailer I unload they are never used and since some people can't read what does it matter.
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  20. wltdo

    wltdo Active Member

    We've been seeing a lot of this also
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