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Discussion in 'Saia' started by PistonRing83, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. PistonRing83

    PistonRing83 Well-Known Member

    I talked to a Tulsa driver last night that told me the Fire Marshal condemned their bunkhouse. If that's true, we all need to write the Tulsa fire marshal a thank you letter! Hahahaha good riddance.
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  2. Dracula

    Dracula Well-Known Member

    I heard thru the gossipvine that the Tulsa bunkhouse is or will be closed, in the near future.
  3. truckdriver

    truckdriver Active Member

    HST L/H drivers said " it was already closed, they had been staying in the motel " ? ........
  4. TNick

    TNick New Member

    I heard the same....stayed there once (TUL) slept well but a bit dirty and driver lounge is tiny.
    DLS bunkhouse is also a bit dirty and its shared with the sales dept. Hard to sleep but they recently updated drivers area with new flatscreen ,couch,chair,mattresses and bedding. Hard to get sleep here too.
    HST bunkhouse is cleanest by far but I find it hard to sleep there as well. Driver lounge a bit uncomfortable.
    LAF bunkhouse I sleep ok in...driver lounge is just ok and bathroom is a bit dirty.
    BRG bunkhouse I sleep ok in but a bit dirty and driver lounge is tiny.
    NOL I sleep well in. Bathroom a bit small and showers too but driver lounge here is large qith many comfy chairs and a flatscreen but can get a bit dirty.
    Thats all the ones I have been to ...most are ok but like was said in a previous post...we are expected to show up well rested, its hard to do in some of these bh's...
    They have started to fix most of em up a bit with linen services,new mattresses and some new furniture here and there.
    My advice to anyone overnighting at a terminal with a bunkhouse or dormitory is bring everything you need with you...what is supplied is very basic essentials.
    Hope this helps ...
  5. PistonRing83

    PistonRing83 Well-Known Member

    I ran through TUL last week and the evening dispatch guy said it's been closed since the middle of November. Guess the driver I talked to a few weeks ago was right... fire marshal said they couldn't use it anymore. He said they had to wake all the drivers up and put them in hotels in the middle of the day.

    Apparently the TM there is a real tight-ass and they don't even have a cleaning service. I believe it after staying in that dump. Last time I stayed there, there weren't even pillow cases on the pillows and my bed was missing a wheel so I had to take the other three off to make it level. You'd think with the huge amount of money they save in hotels that they could at least remodel the effing place once every couple decades...
  6. bigbuck

    bigbuck Active Member

    They should have made that TM stay in the bunkhouse to see what the conditions were like and what his neglect led to. Reminds me of the joe Pesci movie "the super". So his neglect leads to the place falling so far into disrepair that they have to bulldoze the whole works. Where is the accountability there? Oh yeah, Saia...no accountability. My bad.
  7. NewTruckGuy

    NewTruckGuy Member

    I bet guys that have Tulsa lay down runs are happy as could be. I laid down there once but bunkhouse was full so I was sent to the motel. I wonder if it is shut down for good or if they are going to try to clean it up and re open it.

    Bunkhouse in Houston was closed for awhile too, no idea if it still is. Word was they were trying to get a new linen service which was the reason for the closure. Makes me wonder how Tulsa got away with not having linen service and still making drivers sleep in there.
  8. bigbuck

    bigbuck Active Member

    Maybe they got reported to the department of health.

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