Ue going to 5 days?

Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by GO40, Dec 7, 2015.

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    Big difference
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    Do not know much about your UE operation G, but this Moss guy somewhat appears to be trying to instill fedex procedures at ABF, just like we have some former CW people trying to run yrc with CW procedures. One thing I see here is 4 companies, that all move freight, but they also have 4 different ways of moving the freight. What worked at FedEx, does not necessarily work at your place, or ours for that matter. Different terminal alignment, line haul runs, and service days are not the same. CW, and Fedex still move more 2 day or less freight than anything. Where ABF, and YRC are more geared to 2,3,and 4 day freight. Yrc tried the UE thing over 6 years ago, and it only lasted about a year. ABF seems to have thought it out much better, but like Canary stated, 626 miles a night plus dock is pushed beyond the limit.
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    There is no doubt that these guys bring their ways with them and for some reason that seems to be what the companies want. The problem is that none of these guys are proven Gurus and they are, no doubt, going to muck up the works. It happens time and time again and nobody sees the light. :shrug:

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