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    Paperless is coming sooner than you think. He's had to completely rebuild the IT at this company. Electronic logs are coming out. Eventually the pay sheet and the pre-trip will be on them as well. It's already like that at some companies.

    Outsourcing dispatch to China or where ever is also a thing in the industry. We all know places we have worked in the past where human resources was put on-line. Management is always looking for the ax. They are the only ones working here that don't actually do any of what we do. Jacobs already has them doing sales calls and other stuff. Look for more of that to increase and simple delegation to be handled through technology.

    I totally agree with you. Con-way is dead. We are XPO. I wonder every night if people truly grasp what that means.
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    It means, (based on the posts I have see here) it is my way or the highway. Don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out. I believe if one purchased a used truck ran no more than 250 to 359 miles a day based out of the mid west with in 2 years they could have their own authority & accounts. Not easy to do I am sure, but you control your own life. Being an O & O is not for everybody, but the way I see companies treating drivers (union & non-union) being an O & O might be in the long run the best bet in this industry. I wonder how some who used to post on this board who went from company driver to an O & O are doing since the change.
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    The world is changing. You gotta adapt or you will go extinct.
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    Fly-by-night Only when you care to send the very best

    I known some O&O that are doing very well. It all depends on what account you get. Though all of them know this new e-log will cost them a lot on money to do.
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    Fly-by-night Only when you care to send the very best

    outsourced to China, and we all thought talking to tech support was a pain in the ass
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    When I worked at Coca Cola they outsourced dispatch. You weren't able to talk to anyone. Routes were all a mess. They would have you assigned two deliveries with 0900-0930 time windows that were 45 minutes away from each other. And then you get back and management is screaming mad why didn't you deliver this or that ? By time I got to the other stop, they were gone. What can I do ? I delivered what I could.

    I actually asked to go back to merchandising or warehouse work. They refused. So I got a job here. And if half of what Jacobs wants goes half the way he wants it to, there will be a whole bunch of us that don't hang around here either. And just like Coca Cola still delivers its stuff, XPO will still deliver its stuff.

    The only thing that will change is the shirt your wearing. And that it won't be your problem any more.
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    Just curious but how many locations have Xpo last mile contractors working out of their facilities now and are they delivering any portion of you freight (home deliveries etc) ?
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    Spending a lot of money unifying everything. Not just this part or that part of the company. LTL has the worst returns in XPO as an individual asset.
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    Numbers are the easiest thing to verify in a publicly traded company. Identifying the business strategies and internal investments in the various operating units ( LTL , last mile , logistics , etc... ) that's a lot tougher.

    As a business unit of a much larger company it's harder to know exactly what is going on ( UPS has never been real clear on specific numbers for UPS Freight for example ) Besides building the LTL unit up to sell , in many people's opinion , were is the focus? Premium freight? Next day? Economy freight?

    Is XPO simply chasing the best OR? And if XPO LTL is being fattened up to flip it , why invest so much money into rebranding and into technology ( supposedly )?

    The point is Bradley Jacobs could say he's investing $500 million or $5 billion into IT. And he can rebranding the crap out of the whole LTL unit. It reminds me of Craigslist people selling a car or a house. They tell you all of the updates done ( new carpet , cabinets , paint ) all cheap stuff done to put lipstick on a Con-way.
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    I don't think you are getting that right. He's going to sell the whole XPO. Not just the former Con-way. He has assembled this company very specifically. You don't build it unless you know you have a market to sell.

    Look at his track record. He has a simple and proven method of making a :shit: load of money.
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    You may be right. In that case , appt what I wrote to the whole company - Bradley Jacobs can SAY he spent any amount of money he wants improving something that sounds good , but with a big complex company following the money is difficult.

    Even with Con-way , if someone didn't want it to get out how much money was spent , it stayed quiet. How much did LEAN actually cost?
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    Good point. But this guy is a master salesman. He couldn't care less what we think. He's not pitching us. He wants to make sure his target audience. The people that will by this thing from him. That they know he is improving it. And what a great purchase that it will be. Nothing this guy does is unplanned. It's all very scripted. To deliver maximum return on his investment.
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