60 hours max. per week. (really 57.5)

Discussion in 'Milan Express' started by boomerang, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Do any of you have T.M.'s that are really so terrified of their drivers going over hours that when Friday rolls around, and you are getting "close on hours" they really become difficult to work with? I mean, when you clock out on Thursday night, the timeclock tells you your total hours for the week. Admittedly, I am no mathematician, but Friday morning I am fully capable of accurately calculating how many hours I have left to work on Friday's shift. Yet, for the aforementioned reason every Friday afternoon I am made to feel as if I have to come hat-in-hand and beg my T.M. to help our dock guys out, after they have asked me to help them if I have any time left to work! I know that Vitran doesn't exist to "make" work for me but, when I am asked by our dock associates for help & I still have time to work, what's the deal?? 57.5 hours a week is nothing to me compared to what I am used to. I will not and do not beg for extra hours, but I will not hesitate to work the "maximum" the company allows when I am asked.:argue:
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    Your TM is stupid. Hours of service only relate to driving time. You can go over 60 hours on the dock. DOT 34 hour restart takes care of hours for next week.
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    I dont think its an HOS issue.Sounds to me like its more of an overtime exemption issue.A company I once worked for was the same way and it had something to do with not having to pay overtime.
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    Altho I've never worked for Milan or Vitran, your TM may not be as dumb as he/she looks. You need to brush up on your D.O.T. logbook regulations, if your company goes by 60hrs/7days or 70hrs/8days, it is forbidden to exceed 60 or the 70 for any reason, that is if your safety dept has a clue. The 34 hour restart cannot be used if you exceed the hours of service that week, you will have reconsile the old way till you have 60(or 70) hours without a violation to use the 34 again. Also you are required to log anything and everything you get paid for, dock,yard,waiting, driving,lunch,etc. With the upcoming CSA regulations we all need to protect our CDL's and driving record as if they are gold. Remember the most valuable thing going up and down that road is you and your CDL, I don't give a damn about the freight making service or not, that's someone else's concern not mine.
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    i could'nt have said it better myself. i heard some ltl companies have already had meetings concerning the csa, vitran has'nt said a word. i guess they're too busy patching up the equipment so they can keep their hazmat endorsement. the way the company is getting ran, i don't see them in business down the road.

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