Best Company For P&D


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Hello all, I am new to this forum so I apologize if I lack the typical forumesque writing skills, lol. I am coming up on having 1 year of experience here shortly, and REALLY want to get back into LTL, but specifically P&D. I worked for Central Transport for about three months doing P&D with them, which I loved.... but I left because, well, it's Central. Anyways, I'm just curious which company in your honest opinions is best all-around for P&D exclusively. I understand that companies may have you do a linehaul-type run as needed as well as dock work, but for the sake of P&D, what do you think? I do have all my endorsements as well.

Side note: The companies in my hiring area (Charleston, WV) are ABF, Old Dominion, Estes, XPO, Yellow, FedEx Freight, TForce Freight


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Think Retirement. Abf and TForce are sound companies with great pensions and great insurance.
I'm retired CCX / XPO. I did great investing in 401Ks and IRAs. I have a small pension too.
It would be great to have a Teamster pension.
When Con-way started making drivers pay for insurance and discontinued the pension was the beginning of the end . That’s the moment they “jumped the shark”.