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Y'all tell Jeff he wasted his money on a new site! Ain't getting rid of me that easy! PS: Are you going to put the threads back up? A lot of useful information on them, especially mine! haha.
Ok guys breaking News. Bob J labor rep is either in Ca or on a flight to there for COO. I can't veriify, may be BS. The rest of the rumor you have all heard already so won't repeat it.

Ps....Mods I have to call this a rumor (I trust the sorce) move it if you must, thank you.
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Same Bob J whose son went from Supervisor-trainee to a sales job over night??
And Jr. somehow made the cut when the huge culling of sales staff came??

Funny how things work sometimes..
I'm old Rdwy so don't know of Yell B.J.s history. Met him after the merge and was extremely impressed that he had the right Initials. I liked nothing about him. :hide:
Starting to look like I got suckered on this one. Use my high standing at TB to spread an unsubstantiated rumor. Man when I get my hands on those guys. Sorry I led anbody astray.

:censored2: I figured with the lack of sleep it would take a day or two for you to catch up with me, Should have known better. :732: :hysterical:
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