Yellow | Driver's have the power

If California costs so much, Move from California.

If Chicago costs so much, move from Chicago.

If working at YRC is soooooo bad that its killing you- move on to another job. I did. There are Driving Jobs open pretty much everywhere. The thread is that Drivers have the power (to demand, or shut it down). If drivers want it shut down, I suggest getting ahead of things and be at a company, hired already, when Everyone else comes looking for a job...
No your missing the point ,which is they need to Match the Non-Union higher pay scale to stay in business , because how they grow or move freight ,when they can't hire Driver's ??
Not really. Last year I itemize everything, and had $24,097 in deductions. Next year, filing jointly, they've made the Standard Deduction $24,000. I can file on a postcard in a couple minutes- get back the same amount, and not spend hours of worrying about receipts.
I'm not married all I get is $12,000 now
Campground Approved Firewood is hiring.
What's the pension like? Is it fully funded??
Always had a fascination with the firewood industry.
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