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For Hire Transporter and Salvage.
A DOT number.

In a state that does not allow the operation of triples you still must have the endorsement.
In order to pull a Rgn with a jeep and a booster it is considered to be triples in the states eye.
Wouldn't a company like that have dealer or transporter plates?
Dealer plates can only be used on owned vehicles I.E. the dealer has to own it.
Transport plates I'm not familiar with but usually you only see them after a sale to transport it to the new owner.
Should see all the stacks of YRC Containers at Corwith off 47th Street must be over a 100 of them.
On the Poseidon???
I'm guessing not, and am guessing where (mind you this is JUST a guess). San Bernardino, Dallas Pennsylvania and Kansas City, KS. Again, that's just a guess. Does anybody have solid knowledge besides Chicago? BTW, Chicago has several rail yards; Corwith is just one of four belonging to BNSF. Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern also have big operations in the area.
Looks like Arrow Truck Sales got some of the twin is a O/O trying to load them.

Makes me sad, I might have driven one of those tractors at one time. Liked the music at the beginning though. :smile new:
Looks like Arrow Truck Sales got some of the twin is a O/O trying to load them.

Could this guy have been any LESS prepared to do this?
Does the broker want the fairings????? What do you think??
Are you kidding, he doesn't know the difference between a T600 and a W900? WTF.
This ladies and gentleman, is why I was never stupid enough to buy a truck!!
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