Just Because

This is one of those it was like that when I hooked up to it moments. Some things stay the same over the years. Cover your butt.
A lot of new guys couldn't drive this.
Std equipment had a steering wheel, stick in the floor, a lousy driver's seat, and a pusher.
No ac, no air ride, no radio, I think these had 250 hp.
My reading glasses have been misplaced, but are there 2 handtrucks on the cab on the left?
I remember Roadway having the tractors with the one handtruck on the front. It got a lot
of laughs back in the day. But I will say this, Roadway set the standard back in those days.
When Nielsen Freight got some new CL 9000 s I thought crap here we go again setting straight above the steering axle but to my surprise that air ride cab was a dream. Hit a big pothole in a crackerbox break your spine.
I broke two fingers back in the early eighties on one of those CL9000 COE's with an air cab.
Had a 13 speed, when I shifted into 9th on a curve the cab rolled and smashed my hand between the instrument panel and the gear knob. Never wrapped my fingers around it again.
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