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The problem here is they cry wolf all too often. Go back a few years (2002) contract time and they say we can't pay all your health insurance, we vote to strike and they do it. Then what a year later Yellow suddenly has the money to purchase Roadway, Wow they turned profitable enough to start purchasing 3 billion dollar corporations. Then less than 2 yrs later do it again with USF Reddaway, another 3 bil? Well now things have turned with the economy and we get to pay for the greed and poor decisions of Yellow senior officers. The jig is up and they will continue to take as long as we won't take a stand and call they're bluff, they made a miraculas recovery within a year after the last several contract negotiations, and they've called wolf too many times it's hard to believe that we're not being taken advantage of. We have given alot and get nothing but disrespect and ignorance, so for me enough is enough...HELL NO


You might want to check results before you take the poll. You will be happy to find your handle under your vote.


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by this poll ..everyone is going to vote and no one is going to throw there ballots away!!! lol lol lol so much for polls


Oh and did I forget to mention the Chinese logistics company, and yrc logistics. They have the money for building those blood suckers.
wow...this is it. a cap on leave of absence for 25% pension after 6 mos past the deadline. I was gonna use the loa for the duration until it was 100% pension again. Oh + can I lose a week of vacation also ...mmmm tks. I wish we had been represented by a MAN at the two man meeting. I dont have all the answers but I do have some of them + this new mou is not the answer.looks like linehaul duties are expanding and everybody knows thats the most expensive part of any ltl business. stand together brothers + sisters. define + protect our work rules.


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I am not breaking and hooking sets for free. I do not work for free!

Not yet you don't! Wait till your next job b-4 you say that driver! Besides you will get paid if this passes only thing is you will do it not wait while a yard man does it.


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I voted yes on the last two ,and got repaid with a lay-off notice .They called almost everyday asking if I wanted to work ,but would not give me a full time job.I just don't think this company or job is worth saving anymore .Vote no and roll the dice is what I say.I just start feeling like a wussy to give into this company again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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If this thing passes....and I do mean IF- I may still work for this company, but I will NEVER work for this company again. They just lost me. 25 years of hope and aspirations just flushed down the crapper. No way I am voting for this steaming plate ofshitshitshit


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We gave them everything they should have needed over a year ago and they couldn't manage to make money. HELL NO!

Northern Flash

Good luck.
I can only speak for my own terminal........

I think that most of us not only voted yes, but also started to work harder, with the acknowledgment of how bad this company was hurting. As a group, I feel that we really tried to help pull this company out of the mess that they got us into, in an attempt to also save our jobs. (and our terminal numbers reflected our efforts) We were not happy with the cuts, but like I stated on here before......I was willing to sacrifice, and give them one chance to change their failing business practices.

When they came back for more concessions, I voted no, because they had used up their one chance that I was willing to give them. They still hadn't changed their failing business practices. But the majority had spoken, and I was in the minority, so I swallowed my pride and continued to bust my ass for the Company, because the majority had spoken. Out of respect for my Brothers, and their decision, I continued to bust it. Still watching the failed business practices each day.

Now they are back for more concessions, which I will vote NO on again. From what I hear around the junk yard, most of my brothers have thrown in the towel this time. We still see the same failed business practices that YRCW has shoved down our throat, and they refuse to change. Therefore, most have said that they have had enough. These concession should be an embarrassment to any Union official.

I can guarantee you that the effort that was put in after the first concession will not happen again. YRCW has taken food off our table and has crushed the moral of many good men. YRCW has become the laughing stock of the LTL industry. If these losers couldn't make any money while we were busting our ass trying to save this company, wait till they get a load of us now if this crap passes.
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