Milwaukee, WI. Semi hauling Beer got jammed under a bridge.

Moving the bridge?
Why that joke is older than I am.

Not trying to brag about my years as a steering wheel holder.

However I did learn while I was a UPS Freight safety trainer,& crash evaluator,the last few years of my long career.
Other than a very small percentages of crashes are due to weather,mechanical,or medical conditions.
Driver error is the biggest slice of pie which is the majority of most motor vehicle crashes.
I do believe experience is the best teacher, I also believe if folks took the time to explain things to other "new drivers", instead of rediculing, the roads would be a safer place, you were all there once, regardless of your experience, and alot of folks tend to forget that! do we know Werner wasn't moving the bridge by request anyway?
I have NEVER hit ANY STRUCTURE that was lower than the height of my Trailer. I HAVE DRIVEN in The Windy numerous times and attempted to create MY OWN WAY OUT (by ignoring directions in) to NO AVAIL but to find the way OUT without hitting one of the MANY LOW OVERPASSES.
I've held up traffic in IL., PA., NJ., CT., and WHEREVER I SAW THE NEED when travelling supposed "truck routes" with UNMARKED BRIDGES and marked Low Clearances as I stopped BEFORE PROCEEDING and CHECKED HEIGHT CLEARANCE WHILE IN FIRST GEAR!!
The PROBLEM with explaining things to "new drivers" is they think they KNOW EVERYTHING when they know NOTHING and trying to explain to these types is fruitless, so just let them prove their knowledge which they usually and QUICKLY provide and hopefully without harming others.
4 Wheelers are the CAUSE for most Truck accidents/wrecks except for the super geniuses in trucks that RELY SOLELY UPON g.p.s. because they're unable to effectively comprehend the application process of the vast intricacies:biglaugh: in less than simpleminded MAP READING.
>>Because the Bridge is still securely SUPPORTED by the devices as required for Bridge support, otherwise the trailer would not be as structurally sound :chairshot: as it appears and would truly be a FLAT BED with a FLAT HEAD as part of the steering mechanics<<
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