Yellow | MR-UE-01-06/2022 Decision

More pay when using longer forklift blades? :idunno:
I always got double time when loading outbound using long forks. Had an account that had skids 8’ long, 4’ wide, 18” high. Could load them 3 decks high. I could load 2 pups an hour, 24 bills per trailer.
Democratic policy’s kill America with freebies, when they go to digital currency if they think you shouldn’t have something then they won’t approve the transaction.
It’s all about control that’s why they want to wipe out the middle class.
It’s really funny how many Americans need help to make a decision, the more foreigners into the country the dumber we become.
Democrats are helpless people it’s plane and simple they need someone to tell them what to do.
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