FedEx Freight | New Lunch Policy

I've been a road driver for most of my driving career and I always looked looked forward to stopping for a meal or at least a coffee break on my runs. That's probably why I've turned out to be such a mellow, non-judgemental, easy-going, relaxed, non-excitable guy. :smile new:
I don’t know why, but I’m offended by this comment… I’ll get back to you on my reasons later.
Does this mean fedex has to buy us lunch?????….
I texted Newsom about this, and he said it should benefit the company, paying drivers for lunch, because you would have happier, more productive, safer drivers, and they won’t want to get off early to go home. Thus,offsetting any cost increases to the company. He added, that he frequents the Sac 49er quite often and has to stand in line behind many FedEx drivers at the burrito rollers.
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