SAIA | Now that I’m retired .... let’s expose the truth!

Yep. You’re both correct. Such a ::::shit::::ty company/job, you both continue to post negativity on here. Years after your employment ended. It’s a job, not a spouse. Get over it.
We are totally over it! We just like to reminisce about the good old days. You get over it.:butt kiss:


Stock creeping up on OD... OD is much bigger and a better company but this is really surprising.
I worked at SAIA for almost 5 years and watched junior guys pass over me constantly with better start times. They don’t bid routes or start times here and seniority means nothing. They just place you where they want you and that’s where you stay. Now, they have a clever way to make you think they go by seniority but the facts are they don’t. If this thread takes off and gathers some steam I will expose much more but as for now I won’t waste my time on things that no one cares about.
Sounds a lot like another non union with green and white trucks.
OD market cap 23.73 billion
SAIA 5.07 billion
Not that close
OD split 2 for 3 a year or so ago
Only those who don't understand the stock market would tout a daily amount and bank on that alone in the overall success/health of a company. The world we live in is full of people who will pick pieces of the pie without looking at the entire pie. And teaching the unteachable is an exercise in futility.
Just pointed out the difference between stock price in relation to what a company is worth, a lot of people just look how much a share is selling for , sounds like you don’t understand
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