Safety Bonus 2013!


TB Lurker
Any eligible local drivers receive their letter yet? It's December 3rd we usually get paid out second
Week of December if my memory is correct..
i havent heard yet for this year, but i think your right on second week, i was eligible and can recall getting it a week or two before christmas
Call Michelle in payroll she will tell u what's going on with checks this year, I did, o wait but u don't work at NCT so u have no idea
If I did to work here why would I be asking about my $1500 safety bonus ?
Your such a douchebag! Love to meet you in person. Tell you what scumbag
I will be in at 5:00am tomorrow meet me by the pallet jack trailer.
Oh wait u probably never been out in the yard so u don't know where it is..
Aww did I get your panties In a bunch ?? I must have hit the nail on the head with my comments earlier huh?

Why would I waste my time with some BS offer to meet you? Teamsterforever offered the same thing to me, just ask him he was actually civil about it and private messaged me

You can PM me to learn why I am passionately against unions I'm done repeating myself on here , no need for me to wipe the floor with your face over this

How's that scumbag?
Done repeating yourself? You have been for a month!! Wipe the floor with me?
I highly doubt it.
Scumbag!!! Find another name to call me! I already labeled you as office scumbag!
Go get Wagner a cup of coffee...
Following up from the colorful conversation from driveforfree, you want to stop personal stuff and name calling?? Let's, but don't put stuff on here that isn't true that's what this comes down to, you put something up it looks legitimate and then it really isn't, the argument ensues and there you go
The safety dept said notices were mailed out. It's easy pick up phone and dial safety extension.

And you boys need to play nice i felt like being back in jr high for a second there.