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How would you rate the training you received for Samsara?

  • Hands on training…done very well, understand completely .

    Votes: 5 17.2%
  • Had a meeting, person explained it, got a copy of instructions… not very clear.

    Votes: 11 37.9%
  • What training. Here’s the new app, good luck!

    Votes: 13 44.8%

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Only when you care to send the very best
Drivers many times forget to select off duty FIRST before signing out, and that's where the problem is. They sign out ok, but they stay on duty by default when they select sign out first not realizing they did not select off duty
If you go to sign out of samsara and you are not off duty the system will ask you if you want to go off duty or stay on duty. In order to sign out you must select one of those two opinions first. This was add to stop driver from just signing out while still on duty.

The biggest problems is just plain stupidity on the drivers part. Last night when I got to the FAC there was a HH on the lift. When I looked at the HH it was signed out of. I just though some DW just forgot to turn in the HH, but when I hit the home screen I saw the samsara app. When I opened the app there he was signed in and still on duty. I closed the app and turned it in to dispatch. It's not my logbook or do I have a right to make entries into someone else logbook. Some just have to learn the hard way


TB Veteran
I had a violation this week when a tractor I ran linehaul with was towed to another sic after I first, signed out of it, and then, went off duty and logged off and deleted my employee id on the app. Somehow, nobody knows how, I was logged on duty, driving twice after I went home. when I came in that night, I had my 14 hours to start my shift, 10 hours off. When I was driving to the fac, the handheld was giving me some kind of warning. Too late, can’t fix. Now in violation. Paper logs were better.