Pitt-Ohio | Unionization of Pitt

Let's be honest the Yellow fiasco was simply to much debt and really bad management.
I agree but he could of still sat down and at least talked to them or got input from the workers. Some of the workers were willing to work with Yellow so they would still have a job. Yes it was a gamble but now 30,000 workers are out of a job and will never know if it would have paid off.
O’Brien and company need to get off their asses and organize some regional LTL’s
That will never happen in your lifetime. More than 450 LTL Carriers have shut down and not a single one organized.
Every teamster LTL Carrier shuts down, who in their right mind would vote for that???
Happy with all the above. Besides that Unions help a lazy man keep his or her job and help keep worthless democrats in office. Any Union man that votes for Biden after all of the Union jobs he has lost needs there head examined.
I have to laugh at the UAW as they actually think they should get paid for 40hrs and only work 32hrs. This is why companies move to other countries as well as our own government taxing the hell out of businesses. The UAW does have some valid issues that need addressed but 40 for 32 makes them look ignorant and as I hear it some of these automakers are laying off workers. Automakers are losing money making EV's that no one wants to buy as well as it takes less auto workers to build these pieces of sh**! Biden is pushing auto workers out of a job and the union keeps supporting sleepy Joe Biden and the New Green Deal. Now maybe you can see why a company prefers robots to do the job.
When most of the LTL's were union, corporate greed was not invented yet , owners were more willing to share
Back then owners had a relatively captive market and little competition and therefore had no great incentive to run efficiently and could just pass on additional labor costs to the customer. :idunno:
I'd be careful trying to organize a privately held family business. They don't take kindly to a union telling them how to run the business they built. They could just shut it down, sell the assets and walk away.

You of all people are smart enough to know it isn’t that easy.
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