What about all the part timers?


Hi all, I am fairly new to the board and I have been keeping up with all the existing threads regarding the merger. I have a question regarding all the part timers we have at Freight and National, dock, hostlers and office. What is the situation regarding them and their options during the merge? Are part timers being allowed to "follow the freight?" Will company seniority play a role in their ability to transfer? Will National part timers possibly "bump" some Freight people out of their positions? Will national drivers who transfer into Freight "bump" the dockworkers and hostlers?" Will there be a severance for part timers? Anyone heard anything about them? I have not heard anything about what is happening with them so any answers would be great.
All part-timers have been 'reallocated' to the surviving center. There is no seniority on the PT (or Supplemental) board, so no bumping.

PT with 1 year from the announcement date last Thursday 'may' be eligible for the $3000 severance, but not sure how that will work yet.

PT positions are not getting the same focus as FT people at this point, and are not included on the Severance Option form currently being processed. This will be addressed at some point in the future.

Bottom line- take care of your family...
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