Yellow | YRC,Inc. Daily Bill Count"

By the time you get here they'll dry and ready for you:LMAO:

How do want your coffee?
We've been laughing about all of the blubbering that's going on about an issue that we deal with for about 6 months out of the year. It is good conversation for us though. (cheap entertainment)
yrc,12-29...........38,515.The number of laid off YRC drivers called in for 4 hours in New England to help dry off the roads with gas powered leaf blowers.
yrc,12-31.........5,662. Sent via wireless going eastbound Indiana Toll Road.Happy New Year.
made such good time today,dropped trl at Willow,and brought one back to 309.Done at 19:25.
yrc,1-4.........38,151.Eating steak and eggs at Denny's in Breezewood this morning.Mmm,Mmm,good.

If you can afford to eat at denny's then you can afford to give the company some more help! Now get back in that Brockway, theres an exact express onboard! PS: You do know a steak at denny's is just 75% lean burger covered with hamburger helper!:biglaugh: Next time go for the "moons over my hammy"!!!
yrc,1-5.........40,198.No drop at Willow this time.Went straight to 318.Wife picked me up there.Taking sick day.
yrc,1-6........40,878.Needed that sick day to catch up hours.Had to start from 318 today,since I had to leave truck there last trip.Eastbound at T-5 with my FAST truck.
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