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    Yes, I've read the rule but it's vague on specifics. I read awhile back that it can't be used for production purposes or sending out with more del. knowing the driver would go over 14 hrs. but was for emergencies, weather, traffic i:e accident delays. Unavoidable stuff. Is this still the rule or did it change? Union BA is saying they (ups) can use it how they see fit. Scenario... Senior guy comes in with 9 hours. Jr guy is at 13 hours. Senior guy claims seniority and makes Jr go out knowing he won't make it back in 14. Dispatch Claims 16 exception to del freight. Strictly city pu&d.
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    The way I understand the rule a driver can work 16 hour's 1 day in a 70 Hour period as long as the driver starts and stops at the same domicile terminal. But I think as a rule most of the time the company's are only going to use this rule in a have to situation. But I don't know how every company operates. I have only used the rule one time and went over about 30 minutes. But I did check with my safety director and was told as long as you start and stop in the same domicile than there wont be a problem. And nothing was said after that. Hopefully this will help you.
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    With what is at stake to keep your CDL.
    I'd advise everyone to check with the right sources,& not go on the opinions of any trucking peers.
    Its not really easy to get a CDL & seems with all of the rules its even harder to keep it.
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    The only way the exemption may be used is for unforseen delays rush hour happens everyday so it's not unforseen it can only be used to return to your home domicile if upon departure you had time to return within the 14 hours. Look on the back of the log book it explains it.
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    The 16 hour rule may be used if you have returned to your domicile every trip in the past 5 days. It does not require unforeseen circumstances. You may still only log 11 hours driving. It only extends the 14 hour on-duty window.


    There is a 2 hour driving time extension that may be used for unforeseen circumstances such as weather or traffic. These are not the same thing. The 16 hour on-duty rule may be used as part of a normal work week, the 13 hour driving rule may not.

    Page 12 covers the 13 hour driving rule. Page 13 covers the 16 hour on-duty rule. https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/sites/fmcsa.dot.gov/files/docs/Drivers Guide to HOS 2015_508.pdf
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    Except when they want to make it an exception
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    There are 2 16 hour exceptions, 1 is called the adverse weather conditions which includes weather the other is called the shorthaul exception.
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    short haul is supposedly for drivers use only, but companies will push it on a driver . but look at at it this way get me for 16 today you cant get me for another week or say no and see what it will bring .
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    The 16 hour rule
    The adverse weather rule does not extend the 14 hour on duty rule. The adverse weather rule allows you to drive an extra 2 hours but you still can only be on duty 14 hrs. You can only use the adverse weather rule if you run into bad weather that you were unaware of when you were dispatched. You can't use the rule if you know the weather is bad along your route or is forecast to be bad before you are dispatched.
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