Any news on if there will be an October pay increase?

Discussion in 'Fedex Freight' started by Driverdriver, Aug 2, 2016.

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    All the way to the bank.
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    Thank you, it does rub the wrong way.

    I too have known drivers who have had cancer treatment as well as thier wives on thier insurance. Some kept the Cancer Insurance that used to be offered ( grandfathered in) some did not, some were hired later.

    Those who had the grandfathered in Cancer insurance have been able to eliviate costs by the funds the Cancer insurance paid at the initial diagnosis as well as other monies it paid for the days in ICU and hospital time. It also helped with treatment as the Cancer insurance pays for various treatments Aetna or Cigna considers experimental.

    Of course those who did not get Grandfathered into the plan or were hired after it was discontinued fair far worse off in the out of pocket costs.

    Have these drivers had these medical issues this year or last? Because that would make a huge differance in cost out of pocket.

    I had a major sugery 5 years ago. The cost was minimum back then.
    If I had this same emergency in the last 2 years I would have hit the max indivudual out of pocket $3200, another $2500 in prescriptions that are not on the formulary anymore, as well as what we pay to have the plan. $9600 max is very high!

    Not everyone has individual $3200 or the $9600.00 max just laying around in cash to pay every year. Most peope can swing it once or twice..but year after year? No way is it possible for an average family to do it year after year without having to use credit cards, loans or worse, dipping into a 401k or taking a 401 k loan.
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