New phone scam,caller asks (CAN YOU HEAR ME?),hang up quick.

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by Apostolic, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

  2. mud

    mud Wonderin' Gold Member

    If I don't recognize who is calling, I don't answer my phone. Please leave a message.
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  3. kboomarang

    kboomarang My allah, between pie and mode

    I had one last week that had a local area code and the rest of the number was what numbers in my nearby area are, in fact call ID said it was "State Farm Insurance", so thinking it might be someone I know I answered it only to have it be a robocall with the usual wanting to lower my interest rate on my credit card, so it's like they somehow hijacked somebody's phone number That one I reported right away, and pesty calls I report, here's a link to the "Do Not Call Registry" were you can file complaints, I think it helps.
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  4. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    and this is a problem i have having....all my calls on my land line, go directly into my answering machine, yet only important people like doctors, lawyers, leave a message, all others hang up.

    which may not be a problem, after
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  5. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    You still have a land line?
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  6. othertrucker2001

    othertrucker2001 Professional Flummoxer

    Land line???? It seems, maybe in another life, another time, I may have heard the term, "landline". I can't remember if it was used to tie up a boat to a pier, or if it a line on the land used for telling people where to go.
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  7. mud

    mud Wonderin' Gold Member

    I still have a landline. There is no cell phone service in Jaymez Springs.
  8. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    yep...and won't get rid of it.

    it is connected with 911 and reverse 911.

    for instance, after my dad died, mom's phone bill was nearly 80.00 per month, but it included so much, like long distance.

    what i did was change her over to Verizon's Freedom phone. (for a mere 25 per month), she still has her phone, which was wired into a wall jack.

    now, her phone simply plugs into a "cell type" transmitter/receiver. down fault of this is...if she has to call 911 (and she has had to), since it is now technically a cell phone, when she called 911....they did not know her address.....that's the down fault of cell, they do not know where you are, you have to tell them.

    her land line account and wall jack have been disconnected.

    so, since we all live in the same house, i keep my land line, for quick response from the 911 operations.
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  9. othertrucker2001

    othertrucker2001 Professional Flummoxer

    Is this for real?
  10. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    the 911 location/reverse call..??


    if there is some sort of local emergency, the 911 system calls people as a warning of whatever the emergency is.

    Enter Enhanced-911.

    When a call is sent to 911 from a cell phone or other mobile device, its exact location isn't immediately known. Cell phone reverse lookups are more challenging. That's why safety agencies reached out to the FCC to create a new set of rules for wireless carriers. This enhanced 911 system requires wireless network carriers to provide similar information as landline carriers, with additional location information based on cell tower signals.

    The FCC also mandated that by 2018, all wireless network carriers must provide cell phone GPS tracking location information when a call is placed to 911 so that exact locations for unknown callers can be given to the emergency responders when they're dispatched. Using cellular phone towers and GPS phone location tracing will continue to save millions of lives in the future.
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  11. Stimpy

    Stimpy Wingnut

    I was always under the impression when you called nine-one-one with your cell phone they GPS your location and knew exactly where you were at ...cuz I know I've called in an accident or two with my cell phone on the interstate and they said well you're still moving I said the accident happened behind me. .. I told him that possible need of an ambulance and they dispatched one.
  12. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    my cell phone is a pre-paid, no such GPS.

    mom and dad's was also a pre paid, no gps.

    mom's "new" phone service, has no gps. even though, it is located in her apartment. they could not trace her call.
  13. Stimpy

    Stimpy Wingnut

    I have Verizon. .. I turn off my gps.. but for 911 it is activated .
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  14. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    no such thing as GPS on her new phone service.
  15. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    It has been several years since legislation was enacted requiring cell phones to generate their GPS coordinates when dialing 911. I had a prepaid T Mobile phone and it did it. Same as Stimpy, when I called in accidents they knew my precise location. I have magic jack telephone and I had to go online and log into my account and enter my address. When I moved and called in an accident out front they thought that I was at my old house. I had to log on and fix that.
  16. othertrucker2001

    othertrucker2001 Professional Flummoxer

    Ooops!!! I boo booed. There was supposed to be a picture with that.
  17. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    well, i don;t know what to tell ya' gps on my pre-paid, no gps on mom's new service.
  18. othertrucker2001

    othertrucker2001 Professional Flummoxer

    Thats what google maps brought up for Jamez Springs. I just thought the name was funny.
  19. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    Me neither.:shrug:
  20. mud

    mud Wonderin' Gold Member

    Jemez Springs, NM.

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