No Raise!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by freightman68, May 18, 2006.

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  1. freightman68

    freightman68 Rightwing_extremist

    Sorry cnw employees we spent more than we thought on the new color's so we are going to hav:duh: :chairshot: e a wage freeze until further notice.
  2. Dockworker

    Dockworker Super Moderator Staff Member

    Good going who ever you are. Is this supposed to be a positive statement for your first post? If you are a Con-way employee maybe you shouldn't get a raise this year for such an ignorant non funny statement.
  3. Agree with you Dockworker
  4. Lawofone

    Lawofone Member

    Dockworker, Demize, and to anyone else, who are we to judge? Freightman68 has a right to say what ever he wants to---this is still america, is it not? As long as he follows the rules of this forum, then let him say his piece. What if he was you and you were him, would you still post the same reply? Let us all go back and review what we have said on this forum and the others that we have visited and review what we have said on them, and then ask ourselfs the same question. Maybe we will not get a raise, maybe we will. Do you know? I don`t and neither do you. But to tell this man that he should not get a raise----What has come over you? If I had more time to spend on this board I would debate with you all the items that you may bring up, but with all that I`m doing at this time with the company and our future here, I just do not have the time. Give me to the middle of next month, and let me clear my plate off, then we will debate whatever you heart would desire. Oh by the way, I don`t need my raise this year, you can have it.
  5. DragRacer

    DragRacer Suicide Jockey

    Lawofone, I see your point. However, I think Dockworker was just trying to reiterate what him and I have been saying lately.

    If Con-way upper management was to read the initial post, they probably wouldn't take anything else on these boards seriously. It's that kind of nonsense that is detrimental to what we'd like to accomplish here.

    Character. Reputation. Professionalism. They do matter. Even here on these boards. (I know you know this, Lawofone - some others here just need to be reminded)
  6. lizard king

    lizard king New Member

    no raise

    i to are a little worried about this. and if you are conway we all should worry!!!!!!!!!!! the 10 plus years i been here we all know about the raise by posters and management is keeping there lips zipped......... and all my freight haulin bros hear this, FED-EX GAVE THERE MEN A DOLLAR AN HOUR AND A PENNY A MILE!!!!!!!!!!!so that means they make 22.75$$$$$$$$$ an hour and .53$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ a mile. now tell me who rules :duh: the highway now. just keep looking in those mirriors 10-4
  7. shortcircuit

    shortcircuit Guest

    Guys, I HIGHLY doubt Con-Way would NOT give us the annual raise :)

    It (the cost of color/logo change) was more than likely figured in last year or so, and will not impact our raise, or ICP :)

    This is MY opinion, as I see it :)

  8. gov

    gov dsr Thomsen, xmd

    With fxf building 100 service centers in the us,It would be smart for them to give us a raises.Unless they want to still be the best FXF training school they have.
  9. pompano

    pompano Member

  10. pompano

    pompano Member

    Now thats funny.:biglaugh:
  11. Dockworker

    Dockworker Super Moderator Staff Member

    Drag Racer just summed it up. Thanks Drag Racer!!!
    Also, You are right Lawofone, Freightman68 can say anything he wants and he did. It was uncalled for and had no basis for even being posted. Joke or No Joke, he should of thought twice before he posted a rumor that CNW spent our raise allotment on new colors. Wage freeze? I think not. This topic being his first post ever leads me to believe he is starting some poop.

    If I was him I would think first before I started a topic like that.
    If he was me: I deserve to get a reply like that. I'm sure just about any of us Con-way members will agree, that he is messing with our livelihoods with talk like that, unnecessary aggravation to even assume that.
    If I was him I would think about what I just said and say to myself, "What was my sole purpose in posting an explanation pointed headline like that" "Was I trying to be funny?" "Maybe I might have stirred up the morale of my fellow coworkers by spreading such a false statement" "I think I will post an apology"

    I am going to think out of the box and take a step back from the "Maybe" and say that we "ARE" going to get a raise.

    Simple answer: First off, If he can say what he wants than I can make a rebuttal and say what I want. (Your choice words)
    I thought twice about posting a reply like that, but you know what? That reply just kicked me in the gut and I felt us Con-Way members pain. I stuck up for us.
    Let him get a taste of his own medicine and not get a raise, Let XGO tell him: Dear Freightman68, due to the extreme costs of our color change and the amount of unforseen expenditures in the rebranding of our new name, we have exhausted your portion of your raise. Please except our apologies for this year and hope that we do not change our colors again.... lets see how he would like that.

    Lawofone, I don't know you other than reading what you say on the boards, you speak as if you have an upperhand, you sound well versed at times and watchful of your words. I don't know what the hold back is in debating but it's none of my business. I like the way you try to keep things on the straight and narrow on the boards, you might even have some kind of cult following. You seem like a very nice person.
    People need to think twice and make better, more postive comments and help generate a more educated meaningful conversation in here. Maybe we can have a very nice debate and make others see that there is positive in this company, we don't always have to bring up our companies shortcomings but with the way we Americans view things these days. Drama outweighs the good.

    Dear Lawofone,
    We regret to inform you that you will definitely be getting a raise. We made an allotment in our Re-branding to insure that you get this raise. If you seriously choose to deny this raise, please make sure you give it to United Way this year.:cool:

    Lastly, Drag Racer seems to be on the right path with how we all should conduct ourselves on the Con-way side of these boards. Maturely and with solid strong comments so that we may Look Professional Be Professional
    But if history repeats itself.....we can't :(
    because we act so immaturely and like :gaga:

    Now look what this topic has caused. Unnecessary aggravation and speculation to us members.

    Want to kick back? go to the Watering Hole and be silly.

    ....thinking twice before I hit the SUBMIT goes.
  12. It would be rough after Conway posted their greatest profit in history and did not allow the people who made that success to reap some of the rewards.

    Thats tough to swallow, but I have not seen it substantiated.
  13. Dude-PWB-

    Dude-PWB- Living on the edge

    I for one believe we will be getting a raise this year. There really shouldn't be any second guessing this. There was only one year in Con-Way history that they didn't give a raise (2001 I think?) and I think the numbers for the company and the economy as a whole supported that move. I am unsure as to why it's taking so long for them to announce it but I'm sure it will be coming soon. Seems with all this rebranding stuff going on that alot of announcements seem to be getting out a little bit late. Have faith everyone, lets not count the chickens before the eggs are hatched.
  14. freightman68

    freightman68 Rightwing_extremist

    Not my first post

    I have been on this board for a long time. I have not posted since they redid this site. I had 99% senority before they changed things. I started the Come on chicago teamsters thread. I realize my post may have seemed negative because it was. I have been at Con way for three years now and every year they have mentioned the raise by now. I am all for the nascar truck, and the new colors but not at the expence of the people that make it happen. As far as upper management reading this board and caring about anything posted here give me a break.
  15. Mozartsghost

    Mozartsghost Member

    Just as a matter of curiousity... Does anyone remember what happened when Con-Way did not give a raise several years ago? ( I wasn't with them then but I have heard the stories)

    They would not be ignorant enough to try that again... Especially after a record profit year... and a Record Profit year to date 2006...
  16. gov

    gov dsr Thomsen, xmd

    The one year we didn't get a raise was not a good year,The next year they handed us a 1.9%,Take away 1% for health care.The yes seminar was a ugly place.Dick P walk out of the one I was at,He was so pissed.All they keep on saying was there are other company's to work for.In the Chicago area we had the longest Union push in this company's history.FXF past us up in pay.This company still hasn't recovered from that stupid Idea.They also said the top one didn't get a raise either,It was a lie.They got theres the January before.and yes they our Ignorant enough to do it again.
  17. DragRacer

    DragRacer Suicide Jockey

    I hope we don't get a raise. I don't have enough to worry about. Stupid company. I can't possibly be content without something to moan and groan about.

    Oh, wait! I forgot! I'm not a disgruntled Con-way employee that has the choice to go somewhere else and work if he pleases. I don't try and speak doom and gloom over issues that will take care of themselves.

    Listen to what you are saying here guys. Does anybody honestly believe that the company is out to NOT give us a raise? Some of y'all refer to CNW as FXF Training School. If all you naysayers are correct, that monicker will become accurate, and Con-way will witness it's workforce bail like there's no tomorrow. Is that actually going to happen? I think not.
  18. brutus

    brutus Active Member

    all i know is that when are scm was asked about it he said " your not going to like it".
    what that means i have no idea.
  19. StrokerAce

    StrokerAce Member

    Crap...I don't like the sound of that. :thumbsdown:
  20. gov

    gov dsr Thomsen, xmd

    maybe down in may berry or hilljackville things may be rosie.Up here were a large part of the freight comes from Its not.Right now we our FXF's training school,Thats fact.Will we get a raise,yes.Pretty good one to.A good and loyal company man as you're self can return it if you want.C.F.(conway freight) is going threw a mass bail as we speak.I hear you crying about people making complaints about our beloved company.So people don't have a right to say what they feel or thing.If so please change you're name to comrade.this is like a T.V.,If you don't like ,don't read it.So get off you're high horse,take off your blinders and lighten up.Its only a job.Just remember this oh one of blind faith.The one's up stairs would send you down a river for a stock option.Hopw much extra our you getting paid for all this.Thank you and have a nice day.Have some kool-aid it helps.
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