To all the drivers in NYC and Boston

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    My pictures?

    Aside from some of the difficulties getting in and out of a few of those places they have all been a great adventure. Certainly beats the P&D grind in a major city. Many of the smaller cities aren't really so bad, as the local folk are paying attention and will give a big truck some room. But I know from experience that the bigger cities can be a pain, with so many people and most of them completely self absorbed, and unwilling to give way to a big truck.

    I've forced more than my share of morons to back up when I have had to swing wide 2or 3 lanes left to make a right turn and they thought they could just run up my blind side.

    Guess they missed the turn signal on the back of the trailer.

    And the one halfway down the trailer.

    And the one on the back of the tractor.

    And the one on the right side of the tractor.

    And the one on the right front corner that is designed to be seen from the front and the side.

    Gee, 5 brightly blinking lights and they still didn't know what my intentions were?

    Oh, and how about when I am oversize, with a giant yellow and black banner, bright red or orange flags, flashing lights on the back of the trailer and rotating yellow beacons on the roof of the tractor?

    And they still don't get it.
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    a true event from my past. (i used to work the garbage route for BFI in my city).

    i was down in the shipyard neighborhood, doing my route.

    as such when i would stop for coffee with my helpers, we would always see a city cop or two at the local donut hole or 24 hour diner.

    one day (around 4 AM), a car driver ran into the side of a beautiful owner-operator's rig.

    this entire rig was all decked out in so many lights, it could be seen miles away.

    we called the cops, (who were just at the diner), they got the call to respond.

    stupid 4 wheeler said...."i didn't see the truck"....

    the cops asked, "how the hell can you MISS a Christmas tree all lit up"..???

    the o/o was fit to be tied.

    the cop jokingly said...."if we turn our back, you can slug him"....
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    Road into Viola, WV. Bottom of the hill road turns to dirt. The customer was across a bridge that no trailer would be able to go across. Would not make the bend onto the bridge with a trailer. When ever I had this stop on my route with my last company, I had to have a straight truck.

    Viola is approx. 7 miles southwest from the Dallas Pike exit on I70. About 25-30 minutes from exit to stop due to the narrow, skinny roads. Also had to watch out for all the trucks working the many natural gas wells and coal mines back there. No cb in the little truck either.

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    Dallas Pike off of I-70.

    Hey, I've been there.

    I sure wouldn't wanna get off there with an OTR truck with a 53 foot trailer.

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